Sunday, April 03, 2011

Burn the fat, please.

Oh yeah!!!! I found the best oxyelite pro review and I'm going to share it with my Toronto buddies! As I've mentioned in my previous blogs, we are going to paint the town red next month when I visit Toronto and the three of us are looking for ways to burn fat and lose weight fast. If the review is right, we need to start looking elsewhere for help. Afterall, May is just around the corner and we might not have enough time to get the result we want.


Oh, I'm getting old and I'm starting to feel it. Not only am I not as agile and fit anymore, my skin is starting to show hints of wrinkles specially around my eyes. They call it crow's feet, I call them happy lines. I guess it's time to start using anti-wrinkle cream at night when I go to bed. And maybe use eyelastin for around my eyes. I heard it's the top wrinkle cream available in the market today. I'll let you know in a few weeks if it's working. :-)

an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

My mom said I was my grandfather's favorite grandchild. He took me everywhere he went. Our favorite spot was along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, where he and I jogged. I don't remember any of it, as I was really young when he passed away. He died of colon cancer. My doctor told me I should have a colonoscopy when I am in my 40's because of the family history. I don't disagree. But for now, I shall be reading cleansonix reviews to see about preventive measures against colon cancer.

I need to lose weight!

Next month, I shall be heading to Toronto to spend some time with my best friends. They were here last month and we had so much fun that we decided to have a part 2 in Toronto. This time around, our better halves will stay home. The 3 of us will be painting the town red and will visit a very popular night spot. I can't wait! I need to speed up my weight loss though so I can fit in my red outfit. I've been reading oxyelite pro reviews in hopes of finding the safest way to lose weight.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Safety First

Which of the following would you rather do: pry a box open with your own hands, use a sharp kitchen knife to get it open, or use a simple utility knife to open the box with ease? If you're like me, you would have chosen the latter. It's a lot safer than using a kitchen knife and a lot smaller. Some adults at the food bank Alexis has worked at in the past as volunteer work use utility knives to easily open boxes and other packages that the food comes in. I've also seen it used for many other reasons; it's very versatile. I'd have to thank whoever invented it for making the use of a knife simpler and safer.


Alexis has been interested in photography for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the screen on the camera we bought her a few years back is broken and she hasn't been able to use it. She's been looking at several different replacement cameras, but I think it's best we should just go and get her current one fixed. It's a good camera and took excellent photos back when it was working. I'll try and get around to fixing it sometime.

Lunch Time!

Alexis is going on a field trip to a Holocaust Museum on Tuesday and she needs to pack a lunch, as there's no cafeteria there. She's been buying lunch at school for years so we have no lunch box for her, unless she wants to use one of Steven's. I've looked at some feminine insulated lunch bags for her, and some are really cute and look just like a purse. I doubt she'll need it though. For one, she's not very girly and probably wouldn't be very interested in one. Secondly, she buys her lunch at school so often that buying a lunch bag for her would seem rather pointless. I guess she'll have to share with Steven!


A few months ago, we were in desperate need of a new bedding set. Ours was old and one of the sheets had a huge tear in it. I doubt this would have happened had we had a Sferra bedding set instead. They're supposed to have really good quality and they're really expensive to buy. Some of their stuff looks really comfortable, especially their Milos bedding set! No worries though - we've replaced our worn bedding set with a perfectly good one.

Of Walls and Television Sets

We've been wanting to install our TV up on our wall for years now. We've never gotten around to looking into tv mounts, however. I've been looking at prices and some are relatively cheap while the others are too expensive for my liking. I suppose our TV is fine where it is now though, but we might hang it up on our wall in the future.

Anorexic TV

We bought our first two samsung lcd tvs several years back, and we were pretty happy with our purchase - we still are, as a matter of fact. Here we are today with TVs that are nearly only a centimeter thin! It makes our TV seem prehistoric though it's only a few years old. Technology is expanding too fast for us to keep up!

Silver & Gold

With the economy as bad as it is now, people will do anything to have just a little extra money. A lot of people now are going to stores that buy silver coins. I was looking at how much some of these coins were worth, and it's insane! These people will pay hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars just to get one small coin. It's crazy! Let's hope that lucky penny I find on the ground one day is worth thousands!

The Flip

I've always wanted to buy a flip video camera. It seems like a simple way to capture the moment with a video or a picture and it's small and lightweight, which is good for traveling. It's unlike most other camcorders I've seen, which are either too big and bulky or too complicated to use. I'm gonna stick with my camera, for now though. Who knows - maybe I'll buy one in the future.