Friday, December 24, 2010

Car Parts

I've been driving hubs' SUV the past few days, and he had been driving my Jeep. It is our way of cutting back, even just for a few days. We want to save his SUV's wear and tear. We follow it's required maintenance schedule to a T. And we only trust the original briggs and stratton parts because we know it's reliable. Their customer service is excellent and I've no complains so far.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!


Argh! Our printer broke again! I was going to print some pictures but I can't get it to work anymore. I just replaced the ink cartridges last week, but now it seems like I have to replace the printer itself. darn waste of money. I should have bought the
xerox phaser 8560
instead of getting the el-cheapo one. I wouldn't be having this headache had I followed my first instinct. Lesson learned.

Hubs' gift

This is the day. I can't procrastinate any longer. It's now or never! I have to get something for hubs. He's the only one I have no gift for. I went to the mall the other day to look for the football helmet he'd been asking for but they ran out. I saw some nfl t shirts but I'm not quite sure which one to pick. Ahhhh. Decisions, decisions. I'm having a hard time finding the perfect gift. I wish I didn't procrastinate.

holiday greetings!

Imagine getting rubber stamps for Christmas. Our former realtor just sent us one. Cute. We received lots of cards and holiday pictures from friends and families. They come from near and far. They are decorating our fireplace now. Awesome to know we are loved and thought of.

I am proud of myself this year for I was able to send a few Christmas cards to friends. I was bad last year. I hope I can do more next year. Cheers!!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Money Money Money

Hubs and I spent a good portion our past 2 evenings visiting stores in search of the perfect gifts for the family. The problem is, we always end up buying stuff for ourselves too. Example, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a little knick knack for my sis-in-law. Well, not only did I purchase the knick-knack, we also went home with
wall sconces and a 20-pc King size bed set. We always end up spending more than what we hoped for. Argh!
I wish I have more self control. Maybe next year. Yeah, I promise.


It's been almost a year since I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease on my C4 and C5. My doctor recommended therapy, but I declined due to scheduling conflict. I stopped taking the prescription pills she gave me because it was bothering my stomach. So what do I do when the pain attacks? I suck it up and drive on. Yes, that's how stubborn I am. I'm like a fire-fighter fighting fire with no safety clothing. I am stronger than the pain. I refuse to be defeated.

last minute gifts

Christmas is in a couple of days and we're almost done with shopping. Yeah, almost. I can't believe I waited this long to get everything done. To think I hate waiting the last minute. I think I only need to get one more present to get, and I think I know exactly where to get it. I was a jewelry store last weekend and I found some very nice cubic zirconia rings. I think I'm going back there to browse some more. Yeah, that's the plan. I hope I can just find the time to do it.

Winter blues

OK, I know winter just started but I'm already browsing the web for rv insurance quote. Yeah, I'm getting rid of the winter blues by thinking about all the fun we're going to have this summer. We plan on doing a lot of traveling on the kids' school break. Camping, long drives, theme parks, the lake, camp grounds. There's no better way to spend the summer vacation than to be with loved ones. I can dream, can't I?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good dad

I just love hearing good news! A good friend of mine emailed me some pictures of his two boys holding their basketball trophies right after winning the championship on two different divisions. My friend of course is very proud. He's been raising the boys by himself and is doing quite a good job at it in my honest opinion. Both kids are on full scholarship at a Manila private school. They are both well behaved and love their father dearly. Something you see rarely nowadays.


My planned Philippine trip is not until September next year but I'm already looking at online travel deals. I am so excited. It's been nine years since I last saw the motherland. I'm sure a lot has changed. Thank God to the internet I was able to reconnect to a lot of my friends in the Philippines. I've also made some new ones that I plan on meeting when I get there. It's going to be a really short trip, a total of 10 days, but I'm sure as heck going to make sure it's worthwhile. I just can't wait!


It's barely a week before Christmas and I'm not even halfway done with my Christmas shopping. I was at the store today hoping to get some shopping done but the place was packed that I decided to leave without getting anything. I've never seen Christmas season this commercialized before. I'm quite sure retailers are cashing in on this big time. I wonder what kind of profit margin these retailers enjoy at this time of year. I'm just glad there are still some organizations like that protect our rights as consumers. Retailers would have eaten us alive otherwise.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Droid or iPhone

Droid or iphone? As much as I'd love to have an iPhone, it won't work. Hubs bought an iPhone for me last year and I was giddy with excitement. Unfortunately, it didn't work in my house. There's no At&T signal here, I found out. I was disappointed, but what can I do? I thought AT&T was the largest provider in the US?

So if you ask me, I'm happy with my Droid.

custom laptop

My laptop is ready to die. It's on it's last breath. It's slowly dying and it's about time we replace it. I'd love to look at custom laptops, but I know it's way beyond our budget. I know a friend of ours paid a few thousand dollars for a "gaming" laptop. I, on the other hand, always look for the inexpensive ones. I don't care too much for graphics. As long as the speed is decent, it's fine by me. That way, if I have to change it every couple of years, it won't hurt my wallet that much.