Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Disturb

Currently watching the 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony. Wishing I was there to see the event with my own two eyes :)


I've been printing a lot of paperwork at home so I wasn't surprised when my daughter informed me that we had ran out of ink. She was trying to print some assignments for her advance classes next fall when she found out our ink cartridges are almost empty. I didn't really want to spend the money right now, but I have no choice. The prices of ink cartridges are no joke. Some are even more expensive than the actual printer itself! I probably should find out if just getting refills will be a wiser choice.


Guess who's on vacation?? Me, that's who! I couldn't hide my excitement today. Work didn't seem like work because I had so much to look forward to after office hours. I know my week long vacation will go by fast, but I'm not letting that thought spoil my fun :-)

Garage sale

Summer time is peak time not just for swimming pools, outings, camping and the likes. It is also the favorite time for yard/garage sale shoppers. It is not unusual to see several yard sale signages everywhere. I've been to one of the so-called community sale and I can say I really enjoyed it. I found lots of items you would never imagine finding. Some are real junk and some are real valuable. I even saw brand new knee scooters for sale. I ended up buying a slightly used crock pot for just $2. Hubs found camping gear for $20. We were both proud of ourselves when we got home!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I know it's been more than a week since I last posted. Been trying to focus on work because vacation time is coming!!! Hubs and I booked a nice Orlando vacation package for the family. The kids are excited to visit Universal Studios and Sea World again! We are not going to Disney this time because the kids have outgrown it. It'll be fun!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

PC issues

Last week, I thought I needed a pc mechanic to help me with my computer. It's been acting really weird and I can't even access the internet properly. I thought I got another virus from some pop ups I accidentally clicked. These annoying pop ups victimized me one too many times. 3 laptops have been infected by some sort of a virus and to get them fixed will cost me almost the same price as a new computer. So guess what, I always end up just buying a new one. I have learned from this experience the importance of backing up important files in a disc. As for the pc mechanic? I'm glad I didn't call. The computer resolved itself without me doing anything. Weird!


Thankful to Youtube for allowing me to watch funny videos. I've been fretting about deadlines and then I clicked on a youtube link I found on a friend's wall. The clip was so funny that I started clicking on similar clips. I could spend hours watching these uploads. Quite an inexpensive form of entertainment.

Rain check

My friend, an audio engineer by day and a disc jockey at night, has invited me to one of his gigs out of town. He is too excited to show off all the new equipments he bought online. It took him a long time and a lot of money to complete his "collection". I remember him browsing online, looking at different neve portico 517 reviews to help him make his decision. He said it was time to upgrade and replace all his old stuff. I don't blame him. He is in a profession where there's a lot of competition and the only way to emerge on top is to be up to date.

As for the out of town gig, too bad I won't be able to make it. Next time, maybe.


I am beside myself. Stressed out. Trying not to think of all the pending stuff that needs to get done. Kids are still asleep, but I've been up and restless. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee. I just don't like not finishing what I've started. Maybe I need to schedule a massage. Yeah, that sounds good.


The last time we were in Orlando was in 2010 and the kids had a lot of fun going from one Disney Resort to the next. We also visited Universal Studios for the big opening day of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and of course, SeaWorld. Yes, we spent wayyyy too much money. That's why I thought about just driving down there this year. I figured, the drive will cost less than the flight. And then I started doing more research. Found out that flying will actually cost us about the same, with less grief and body pain. Imagine driving 19 hours, with two bickering kids in the backseat? Not happening! I found a nice vacation package, flight and hotel for a very reasonable price. The hotel is more like a resort, and we will be occupying a suite with rustic dining tables. I thought it was neat!! The pool has a volcano in the middle of it. I hope it looks as good as the pictures I've seen. Can't wait!

Search is not over

Been tearing the entire house in search of an important document!!! I can't believe I can't find it when I've just seen it the other day! I commissioned hubs to look in all the drawers, but like me, no luck. What to do, what to do?!!!


I finally got the chance to do some gardening yesterday. My little veggie garden was begging for me to remove the weeds around them. I've been neglecting them to the point that the weeds took over. I'm glad my bell pepper plants were forgiving, but a lot of my strawberries died. Some of the leaves and fruits have been attacked by garden pests, not sure what to do. Hubs and I decided to start using a compost tumbler to make our own fertilizer. Our food waste always end up in the trash bin. It's time to make it more useful and help the environment.