Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bald is Sexy

I can't help but smile when I see a balding man try to do the comb-over hairstyle. I mean, why bother? If you can't afford hair loss treatments, then let nature take it's course. Besides, some women find bald to be beautiful, even sexy sometimes. Look at Bruce Willis. He rocks it like no other. He oozes of self confidence even without hair. I hope my husband is reading this, just in case he starts thinning up there. tee hee.

Back up

I never thought about using online printing services until after our computers crashed. We lost a lot of files and pictures which could have been prevented had I had hard copies made. Now it's too late. It breaks my heart to lose a lot of good memories. Moving forward, not only am I going to order prints online, I'm also thinking about backing up my files on a disc. You can never be too sure. :-)

flooded basement

Our basement flooded exactly a week ago and it's still not completely dried off. We rented industrial sized fans and dehumidifier to speed up the process and we are making progress so far. It's been a crazy week, needless to say. I'm glad we have all our TVs on television stands. I don't want to think of the damage the water could have done on our big appliances had we had them just standing on the floor.

There's a lot of work waiting for us down there but we are not complaining. It could have been worse.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring work

It's Spring time once again! Time to do stuff around the house. First, we want to get the whole exterior cleaned up. The sidings were looking a little bit rough so we decided to hire a company to pressure wash the exterior. I also cleaned the interior plantation shutters to make our windows look brighter and more inviting. Next on the agenda is the landscape. The bushes need to be trimmed, but our trimmer is not working. So we'll probably need to hire a contractor to do the gardening for us. It will save us time but it'll definitely cost us. I wish we have the spare time to spend at our leisure. It'll definitely save us some money.

Wishful thinking. sigh.