Sunday, July 29, 2007

nakiki-TAG: What were you thinking

No, I wasn't tagged. But I found this particular meme from analyse quite interesting. So interesting that I tagged myself because no one would ever tag me. hehe. shame shame shame

So the question was:

What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!)

....I remember telling my bestfriend "oks na ang gabi ko kapag nakasayaw ko yun", sabay nguso sa isang kelot na nakaupo sa isang sulok na obvious na obvious ang pagka-bored ng gabi na iyon. Actually, aksidente lang ang pagtatagpo na iyon. My girlfriend and I originally wanted to go to a (disco) club in Fulda. Nakaugalian na namin ang mag-clubbing tuwing weekend. Minsan nga pati Wednesday (ladies' night) pinapatulan namin dahil wala kaming magawa sa buhay. Ako ay isang estudyanteng pulpol habang si bestfriend naman ay isang "lost soul" nung mga panahon na iyon. Anyway, hindi namin natagpuan ang club sa Fulda, kaya naisip na lang namin na umuwi na lang.

What should've been a very easy maneuver turned into a disaster when bff took the wrong autobahn (expressway). Feeling adventurous, we somehow ended up in Frankfurt (100kms away). I remember stopping at the foot of a bridge dahil may nakita kaming 2 mama na gusto sana naming pagtanungan ng pinakamalapit na discohan. Instead of getting the information we wanted, humarurot kami ng takbo dahil lasing pala yung 2 kelot. Ninerbiyos pa kaming magagandang dalag, este dilag. Naisipan naming umuwi na lang (pramis). As our luck would have it, medyo paubos na ang gasolina namin. Sa Germany, bawal maubusan ng gasolina sa Autobahn. Kung ayaw mong masaktan, make sure na makakarating ka sa iyong paroroonan. So we decided to take the back roads instead. Mas madami kasing gasolinahan na madadaanan dito kaysa sa Autobahn. After filling up, we were on our way home (pramis) nang biglang tumambad sa aking paningin ang napakaliwanag na sign "CAPRI". I told my friend "shit kaibigan, tignan mo, DISCOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Yugyugan na!!!!!!

Excited kaming pumasok sa disco, to our disappointment. Dahil medyo maaga pa (11PM), walang kabuhay-buhay ang dinatnan namin. Pero tutal ay nandun na rin lang naman at kinakailangang iwagwag ang katawan, nag-enjoy na lang kaming magkaibigan sa pagsasayaw sa walang kamatayang hip-hop at techno.

Pabalik na kami sa aming upuan ng mapuna ko ang isang lalaking mukhang batong-bato na sa isang tabi. May itsura, may porma, matikas (medyo madilim kasi noon hahahaha).

"oks na ang gabi ko kapag nakasayaw ko 'yun", tandang tanda ko pa.......kauupo pa lang namin ay siya namang tayo niya kasabay ang isa pa niyang kasama. Sabay silang lumapit sa aming upuan at nagtanong..."may I have this dance?". "shoreeeeeeeeeeee" op kors golp kors, palalampasin ko pa ba ang pagkakataong ito???

Turned out, kadadating pa lang pala niya sa Germany. It was his first weekend in the area and naki-join lang siya sa mga kasamahan nya sapagkat wala silang ginagawa sa barracks. First time ko lang din sa lugar na yun. Isipin mo nga naman, nang dahil sa biglang liko, este maling liko, nakilala ko ang lalaking nagpatibok ng aking puson, este puso. Dahil makamandag ang beauty ko, hindi na niya ako pinakawalan. At iyan ang aming lab story. To date, 12 years and 3 months na kaming magkakilala, 10 years and 8 months na kaming kasal. bow.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

meeting the neighbors

we were supposed to close at 10am, but the title company was running a little behind, so we started at about 11am instead. i had to sign so many documents that my hand started to ache. hubby feels a little bummed out because he wanted to be there, but he's in school instead. this is an exciting time for us, only, he wasn't there to bask in it.

i met some of the neighbors for the first time. they all seem nice. but something was a little bit off. somehow, i felt a little out of place. at some point of the conversation i felt like i was talking to members of the "stepford wives". maybe because i was tired and not really into the meet-and-greet yet. good thing first impressions are not always right. alexis got to meet some of the neighborhood girls right about her age, and there's no shortage of little boys either. also, i found out that the school alexis is going to attend is a really good school. that's a big plus.

okay. so i'm tired. i'm yawning. back is aching. time to hit the sack.

Monday, July 23, 2007


What have I been doing lately? Nothing, really. The kids drive me nuts from time to time. They bicker and fight over TV. It doesn't help that we only have 1 set right now. All our stuff's still in a boat somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. We stay up late most the time, and I let them sleep in so i can get a little "me" time in the morning. Ahhhhh tranquility.

We shopped for kids' beds before Steve left for recruiting school, and we hope to have them the day after we close on the house. Lexi chose a pretty little day bed while little Steven chose a Nascar bed. For beddings, they chose Bratz and Ninja turtles. We've also ordered sofa & love seat & lazy boy recliner for the living room. The old set will find itself in the basement/family room where hubby plans to spend a lot of his time watching football games on TV. I still have a long list of "to buy" (patio furniture, swing set, bbq grill, arcade, air hockey table,another dining set, wall deco, bar stools, etc) stuff but I keep on reminding myself to slow down. We've already spent quite a bit and I've got to put a stop to it somehow. Moving can be quite costly, I tell you. What with all these wants and needs.

Family gatherings have already been slated to occur at our place. Hubs' family are within earshot. I'm exaggerating. Mom & Dad are an hour away. Both SILs are 30 mins away. Not too bad.

Now let's talk about school. I've called up the registrar this morning to find out the dates for school registration. Turns out I can already register Alexis. All I need to bring is the birth certifi.. *DING DING DING DING DING*...whatha...SHOOT!!!!!Very organized me didn't think about bringing the kids' birth certificates. They're in the freaking fire proof box in the freaking boat on the freaking ocean!! I am so BLOND. Hey, but i have their passports!! And the immunization records!! Thankfully, after hearing my panicked plea (I bet I sounded pathetic) she said I can register Lexi with just the passport for now and i'll have 30 days to produce the BC.

Anyways, that's my Monday so far....I'm excited about the closing tomorrow. We'll do a final walk-thru at 9AM then we meet at the office at 10. If everything goes well, we'll have the house by noon. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Touching Base

Hey ya'll. Made it alright to the US. Flight was good, thank God. Found a house, will be closing on the 24th. Things are doing ok. Kids are bored and get in trouble more often than they should. Weather is gloomy, would have been perfect for cuddling if only hubby was here. He's currently in recruiter school, and will be back by the end of next month.

Oh well, that's all I have for now. You guys take care!! tah tah!