Friday, April 30, 2010

Weight control

Since I couldn't find diet pills that work, I decided to just try to control what I eat. I started eating smaller portions, and little to no junk food. I bought and ate a lot of fruits as well. I was on the right track until mom came over a week ago. She brought lots and lots of goodies with her and I can't help but sink my teeth in them. She brought my favorite German chocolates, candies, wafers. My diet was thrown out the window.

Not that I'm blaming mom for bringing the goodies over. I was the one who requested them. Soon, they'll be all gone and I can go back to my diet regimen. I hope.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

raccoon eyes

I haven't been sleeping good lately, hence the dark circles around my eyes. No matter what I do, sleep eludes me. That's why I'm always tired. And why I lack focus some days. I've been tempted to go back to coffee, but so far, my will is stronger than the "addiction". I don't know if I'm just crazy or stupid. I mean, what person willingly punishes herself just to prove she can do whatever she sets her mind to. It just doesn't make sense. sigh. That's the coffee addict talking.

Wrinkle free for now

No, I'm not using prototype 37c, at least not yet anyway. I posted pictures from my son's 7th birthday party and I was delighted to receive a few compliments from my friends. And to answer one of my friends' question, yes, it is the moisturizer and no, it's not botox. I use Olay night creme every night before going to bed. I think it helps. But then again maybe not. I've gained so much weight that my skin is stretched out a bit.
Anyway, it doesn't hurt to take care of my skin. Afterall, it's the only skin I've got.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the waiting game

After changing mom's flight itinerary, I immediately called her up to tell her the latest news. She's relieved that I was able to rebook her flight, and that she'll still make it here in time for Steven's 7th birthday. Of course, that all depends on the Icelandic volcano activity. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I know mom's a bit disappointed because she'd been waiting long for this. She even has her diabetic socks packed. No, she's not diabetic, but we heard that diabetic socks can help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis during long flights. We are a bit disappointed as well because we are uber excited to see her. But we all understand that it's better to err on the side of caution. Besides, what's one more week of waiting?

See yah later, alligator :-)

After days of wondering, we finally got confirmation that mom's flight out of Frankfurt is cancelled. The volcano in Iceland has been wreaking havoc in the European airspace and has grounded several flights. It took me several hours to get connected to a Delta rep due to high call volume, but when I did, I'm completely satisfied at the way they handled my request. Honestly, I don't mind at all that they cancelled the flight. I'd rather be on the safe side, and I'm glad that the airlines are taking the necessary precautions. I'd rather see my mom, and the riding boots that she's bringing me from Germany, at a later date than not see her at all.


So I was at the grocery store the other day just wanting to buy a couple items I needed for the house. I ended up filling my cart with a lot of non-essentials but "sale" items. The cashier, after printing the receipt on her tm-t88iv thermal printer, chuckled when I shared my story. It never fails. And I do this all the time. My grocery bill is up, but I don't mind. I know I'm not alone in this. I hear the same story from my friends. We all agree there's a conspiracy at the grocery store, and we all are willing victims.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

cold. but excited

Brrrr. The temps went down again. Hard to believe that just 2 days ago, we had an almost summer like weather. Then the rain started, coupled with thunderstorms and wind gusts. We turned our Amish fireplace again because it got really chilly inside the house.

In a few days, 10 to be exact, my mom is coming over from Germany. She'll be here for 6 weeks. I hope the weather warms up by then. We do want to enjoy the outdoors while she's here. We are planning a couple of short trips and we're all excited. We will be going to New York and hopefully catch Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Can't wait!!!

fat burner

What is the best fat burner? In my opinion, it's nothing that you can buy in stores. It's not in the form of pills, or capsules, or diet drinks. It's in doing what you do everyday, with gusto. It's being active. It's the time you spend playing with your kids, they need it from you anyway. It's the brisk walk you made 'round your block. It's the housework you despise. It's movement. It's living your life and building relationships. It's in keeping a positive attitude and facing the world head on. Try it, it could make a difference!

weight woes

Perhaps the hardest part about gaining weight is losing it. Now that I've become older, I've noticed how slow my metabolism has become. I used to lose weight quite easily if and when I decided to. It's just not happening now. Diet or excercise is not enough. I've thought about using the aid of weight loss pill, but I'm always afraid of the side effects. I've read about a few brands and I've seen the enticing commercials but I'm still not convinced that that's the way I should go.

Should I just accept the fact that I'm indeed getting older and with age comes the extra fat rolls? I'm not vain but I still want to look OK. What's a girl to do?

gym rat not

Everyone seems to be in a gym craze nowadays. Bodybuilders using no xplode drink mix seem to be increasing in numbers. I wish I have their discipline. I wish I have their drive. But I don't. And if I ever did, I don't think I would want to bulk up. I just want to tone a little. Maybe get some more energy. Something I'm lacking nowadays. But the weather is not helping. Plus I did cut back on coffee. It's been tough but I'm handling it so far.

Ahhhh, excuses. When am I going to run out of it?


I'm addicted to the internet. No doubt about that. A day won't go by without me going online. Even my celfone has internet connection. And who can blame me? The world wide web is a treasure trove of information. With one click of a button, you can find information on just about anything. It's also the easiest way for me to find a business or service. A lot of businesses do a manual directory submission online, making them more accessible to the public. I booked my mom's flight online and that's very convinient for a busy mom like me.

I wonder what the world would be like without the web???

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Time really flies. Can't believe that my first born is becoming a certified teenager next month. A lot has changed in the 13 years. From a little baby, she has turned into a lovely young woman. There's a lot of changes with her, some easy to deal with, some not. The physical part is easy to deal with. I mean, we can easily find stuff to fix it. Like acne facial cleanser for zits. Or new clothes for when she gets taller and bigger. What I'm having a hard time dealing with is her mood swings when it gets close to her period. I should be more understanding to this because I experience the same every month but it's just hard to deal with sometimes.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to remember that she's no longer a baby.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Warm weather's finally here! The temps rose up to high 70s and everyone's happy! The forecast for Easter Sunday is real good as well, perfect for the easter egg hunt. Compared to last year, it's a BIG improvement! It was still very cold and the kids did their egg hunt in the snow. We went sledding afterwards. I'm glad it's different this year. It's so warm, we might have to put out our Minka Aire fans.

Oh, that reminds me. I still need to boil the eggs for the hunt. Hubs bought a coloring kit and the kids will help decorate. Fun! Fun! Fun!