Monday, August 19, 2013

music lover

If you're a musician and looking for the best place to get your instruments,  you are sure to find excellent epiphone guitar company at musicians friend.  Too bad my brother who's a musician doesn't live here.   He'll have a blast browsing the different instruments that they offer.   I have bought him several items in the past and he is very satisfied.   He's planning on visiting next month.   I'm certain buying new instruments is in his agenda.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Universal Studios

Currently watching a Filipino TV show...never realized that Universal Studios is in Singapore also, since 2010.  I'm happy for Filipinos, fun and adventure are closer to home. :-)


I wonder how it feels to  sit on top kayak seats.  I always see kayakers on Maumee river and they seem to enjoy it.  I've never been on one and I know I should try.  A friend of mine has been inviting me to go kayaking up North.  They own a little cabin near a lake and they go there several times in the summer.  Summer is almost over and I know I shouldn't let the opportunity go by, but it's hard to take the time off at work.  sigh.


Steven was happily riding his wave board until........his board "tripped" and he fell and hit his head.  Alexis found him on the side walk silently crying.  He went back home and put some ice in a bag to apply to his aching head.  I was worried but I couldn't show it.  Don't want to scare the little guy.  I told him to wear his helmet next time, to which he agrees.

Good find

My brother is in 7th heaven upon finding different exciting rca cable at musicians friend.  Yes, he spends most of his money buying instruments and accessories.  He's always loved music.  He is self-taught and created his own band in 7th grade.  Now, he is passing on his passion to his 5 boys.  They are musically gifted too.  Yeah, I wish I was too.  I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument but I never really had the opportunity.  

Sunday blues

Sunday blues again....because I'm a few hours closer to Lady Monday...NO LIKE!!!


I finally got the opportunity to visit hubs in his Kentucky pad.  I packed our stuff, the dog and the kids and we drove off early Saturday morning.  The total drive took about 6 hours with 2 stops.  It wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be.  It was quite easy, in fact.  It was nice to finally see the place where my husband stays when he's working there.  I'm proud of how the place looks.  He really took care of his "little spot".  As expected, his custom logo mats greeted us at the front door.  He made the room look really comfortable.  His freezer was well stocked too.  It gave me a little peace of mind knowing that his taking care of things even when he's away from us.


I wonder why my blog is acting weird.  The font is different and the color scheme changed also.  I don't know how to fix it!!!  aghh!

Sleep Deprivation

All I wish is a sound and uninterrupted sleep at night.  For as long as I can remember, no matter how tired I am, my eyes automatically open at 3 am.  It's always something else.  I've tried many things to help with my sleep deprivation....from drinking milk at night, warm bath, using whole body pillows, complete darkness...yet nothing seems to work.  My family suggested going to a sleep doctor but I don't have the time to spare in addressing this issue.  I plan on taking a 2 week leave of absence from work so I can focus on what's important to me.  I believe that a sound mind and body is a big contributing factor in one's productivity.


Running the sprinkler for the first time this summer.  I was not going to do it but our yard is looking pathetic.  I hope it's not too late for my brown grass.

Thursday, August 08, 2013


My computer has been pretty slow lately and it just upsets me.   I've cleaned out unwanted files and deleted a bunch of applications but it barely helped.  My friend suggested getting aclean up software and I might just do that.   If it still doesn't work,  it's time to throw the computer out the window!

Good. Morning


I was at the mall yesterday on my lunch period trying to return the sterling silver bracelet I bought for a dear friend. The bracelet was beautiful and I'm sure she would have loved it, but last night on my phone conversation with her, I found out that she had recently developed an allergic reaction to anything silver. She is baffled and quite surprised when her test results showed that. She's always loved silver jewelries. She was a bit upset that she won't be ablr to wear her collection. I told her that life's still good, plus maybe it's just a phase. Hey allergic reaction might go away someday. Feeling hopeful.

welcome back MULES!!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Too late

I saw a gibson les paul junior on craigs list and I seriously thought about getting it for my brother. He loves playing the guitar and I bet he would be delighted if I got him this high quality brand. I was a bit apprehensive about craigs list though. I heard a lot about it, and I wasn't sure if it was something I want to get involved in. When I finally decided to buy it, lo and behold! Somebody had snagged the beauty already! I have no one but myself to blame. I shouldn't have waited to buy it. I knew it was a good deal. Hah! Better luck next time.


Tired and sweaty, that's me. I cut the grass and I had forgotten to use the lever that propels the mower. I used my own power the whole time. No regrets though. I bet I used up a lot of calories. That's my exercise for the week :-)


A good friend took Friday off from work. She's driving to Chicago for a concert and she's really excited about it! I don't blame her. I've been to a few concerts myself and I can say I enjoyed every moment of it. My most favorite one was of Aerosmith. It was an open air concert in Germany back in 2007 and it was my first time watching the band. The music was superb, the instruments were of high quality for sure. It was very entertaining. I browsed some command 8 buy websites after watching the concert. I wanted to read about all the instruments I saw that night. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Journey at Caesar's Palace in Windsor Ontario but we just got back from our Europe vacation and I was still jet-lagged.

Missing my Girl

Said goodbye to my baby girl this morning. She's going to band camp for 5 days. :-( Can't wait to see her again.

Baby Shower

A co-worker is having her daughter-in-law's baby shower tomorrow. It almost didn't happen. She had everything prepared. Hall rented, cheap flyers from printed, cake ordered, family and friends invited and ready for the event. 2 weeks ago, the daughter-in-law was rushed to the hospital due to contractions. She was going into labor 8 weeks early, and it was very scary for the whole family. Doctors ordered complete bed rest and she wasn't allowed to leave the hospital until she delivers. My co-worker had to think of a way to still celebrate the shower and be with her daughter-in-law at the same time. So they decided to do the shower at the hospital. It was a little curve ball at an unexpected moment. Thankfully, the doctors determined that it would be safe for her to go home. Everyone's happy for her and the baby shower will go as planned.


Need to wash the car, but I don't feel like doing it.... :-(