Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gold Rush

Can you believe the price of gold??? I sold a few bits and pieces of my gold jewelry and I can't believe the money I got for them. Pretty good chunk of money to get some new ones. Some of the pieces are broken and I can't believe they still bought them. I checked out orogold for new pieces to add to my collection and I found a lot of items I like. But I think I'll wait for the price to go down a bit before I invest more money into it....what do you think??


Can someone tell me, where do I buy an underwater scuba mask? I've been wanting to try scuba diving for quite sometime now, and I thought it'd be cheaper for me to buy my own equipment rather than rent them. I want to visit famous dive sites all over the world. But I guess I need to learn how to scuba dive first, right? I wonder how much it costs to hire a professional instructor?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Missing folks.

I used to work in a field where I did a lot of material handling. I was in charge of maintaining inventory and I enjoyed the challenges it brought me. My old job taught me a lot about hard work. I was fortunate to have worked with an excellent team who shared the same values with me. Their work ethic was great and it helped a lot with the work load. I sure miss them a lot and I wish we'd communicate more. I'm hoping to see them someday and share a cup of coffee and lots of laughter with them.


My mom snores a lot she sounds like an echo chainsaw. Yeah, we laugh about it a lot but I know deep down there's some serious issues associated with snoring. She needs to check with her doctor to see what she can do about it. And when she's there, she might as well get help to quit smoking. I swear, she's the mother of all chain-smokers. I wish she'd stop but I know smoking is an addiction and it takes a lot for smokers to quit the habit.

Virus Victim

I probably need to invest in document management software. We've had about 5 laptops die on us due to virus issues and we've lost important stuff because of it. Not even the best virus protection deterred it from happening. Pictures and some important documents were lost forever. Of course, I could have hired someone to try to recover them but they cost an arm and a leg. I wish I knew a lot about computers. I've learned to back up my drive just recently due to necessity, to say the least. sigh*


Next summer, I want my family to be involved with more outdoor activities. I want to save some money to buy a nice ATV with really big Off Road Lights that we can use when we go up North. This year, we invested in camping gears and we plan on utilizing it each time we get the chance. I went camping for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We've never really been the outdoorsy kind of people but it is never too late to start.


A good friend of mine is terribly disappointed that he was rejected by a life insurance company. He spent quite some time browsing the net for life insurance quotes. When he thought he had found a good one, he was kicked in the ass instead. He's not quite sure why they turned him down. All he was told was that he has some "problems". He didn't bother asking why. If it happened to me, I'm sure as heck going to raise some pretty good arguments. I need to know exactly why I got turned down, specially knowing what I know about my health and lifestyle.

What can I say? Only in the Philippines.

Need an attorney?

If you're in North Carolina and are involved in monkey business, beware! If all you do is con people into buying into your business, your days are numbered. A very good raleigh commercial litigation lawyer will make sure you are put behind bars for any inappropriate dealings. Don't say you weren't warned!

On the other hand, if you are on the right side of the law and need help with starting up your business, don't hesitate to contact these people for they will be able to guide you and help steer you in the right directions. All it takes is a phone call and you can be certain you are doing the right thing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

gift ideas

Where did the time go? Hard to believe 2011 is almost over. Kids are almost back to school. Summer is slowly fading away and winter will be here soon. The only good thing about it is my favorite holiday is right around the corner as well. Yeah, I'm talking about Christmas!!! I am visiting a lot of websites lately because I want to have an early start with Christmas shopping. One particular website I like is You wouldn't believe all the gift ideas I find in that website. I'm pretty sure I'll be spending some serious cash online. :-)

What about you, are you ready for Christmas yet?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Where'd the money go?

I was talking to a good friend on facebook and we both agree that the cost of living has gone up right before our eyes. We both couldn't believe the cost of utilities and basic commodities. It's killing the regular working people! Our salaries hadn't gone up, but everything else does. That is not cool especially on a recession! No wonder people resort to payday advances. Loan sharks in my eyes, but a life saver for many.

Sports fan

I'm not a big sports fan but I sure am a fan of fashion. I watch tennis matches because I want to see what the divas of the tennis world wear. I watch equestrian games because of the cool equestrian apparel. And oh, don't get me started with swimming. LOL.

My husband, on the other hand is a big sports fanatic. He loves baseball, football, and basketball. Ask him any stats and he's blurt it out to you with no hesitation. And he is passing it on to our son who's 8 years old. It's always fun whenever I hear these two talk about sports. They take their team very seriously.

Baby Showers

I was sifting through my calendar, looking back at events and personal milestones I've accomplished through the first half of 2011. There's not that many milestones but there sure were lots of events I've managed to attend! The thing that stood out was the number of baby showers I was invited to! I've attended 3 so far and there's more forthcoming. I love attending baby showers because I consider each child to be a blessing. Plus, I love to give personal baby keepsakes as gifts. I found this real cool website online and I'm really having so much fun browsing through their pages.

Hard to find.

The previous winter was a rough one. It ruined almost everything we have left outdoors. I am looking for new welcome mats that are customized. The old one had just been declared unservicable. I want something with our favorite football team on it. I've been to 3 different stores but I have yet to find the one that really stands out. Most of the ones I saw are just plain blah and mass produced. I wonder if there's a specialty store for outdoor mats???