Sunday, July 11, 2010


I hate pop-ups! I was browsing online when out came a pop-up informing me that my computer had just been attacked by a virus, and that the system is going to crash so I needed to "click here" to get rid of it. Yeah right! A gullible person might "click here" and open up his/her computer to a real virus, but not me. I know it is just a ploy by scammers to get you to buy the anti-virus software they offer. They send you a "fake" virus, then get rid of it for a fee. I normally just turn my computer off, turn it back on, and scan the computer with my anti-virus software. It's worked so far. Have you been a victim of these pop-ups?

People Watching

I was at the mall today when a lady, probably in her 30's walked by. She was good looking...tanned, blonde, almost barbie like but with lots of muscles. She turned many heads. I remember days when being muscular wasn't fitting for a lady. But it is the norm nowadays. I'm not a body builder, never have never will, and I've never tried whey protein powder, but I do admire the discipline these people have. I know it's not easy to lose fat and build muscles. I tried, but no luck. It's just too hard. I wonder how long it took her to get into the shape she's in??

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

great buy

Hubs and I went to Menard's this weekend to buy some folding chairs they have on sale. At $8.88 a piece, the deal was too good to pass up. We bought about half a dozen. It was my first time inside the store and I must say I was pretty impressed. I browsed the outdoor furniture area which they had beautifully set up. I also visited the kitchen area and almost bought Kohler kitchen faucets. Good thing I was able to turn around and walk away. Our current faucets are still functional though less fashionable. I don't need another expense.