Monday, July 28, 2008


I almost cried when I saw little Stevie's new haircut. "How did it happen?", I asked myself. This is how a mom's worst nightmare started....

Hubby and I both agree the kid needs a hair cut. I don't know how we ended up agreeing on a "mohawk". I thought it was just a joke so I played along with it. He thought I gave it my seal of approval. So he took him to the barbershop, while I went and ran some errands. We met in the car a little later and I got the surprise of my life when my boy took his hat off.

I felt sorry for the kid. I joked that he looked like a giant acne about ready to pop. nah, of course not. He's still muy guapito. He's my boy afterall.

At home, we decided to fix the goof off. I took the electric trimmer and shaved the rest of his hair off (except very little on top). His hair looks a little better now. And we learned our lessons. NOHAWK for a MOHAWK.

Air conditioning compressor

What do I know about air conditioning compressor? Not one bit, I tell you. But my little bro needs my help in finding the correct compressor for his friend's GMC truck. There's not an abundance of American specs cars in Germany, and they're having a hard time getting the parts they need. And that's where I step in. My job is to browse online, order the part and have it shipped here, then ship it to Germany. Big red tape, tee hee.

I just hope I get the correct one.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Just last week, a good friend of mine proposed a nice business opportunity. The business' official launch is in September and they are looking for investors/partners. This is their third business venture, and I'm pretty sure it'll be successful just like the other ones. In fact, they've converted a huge room in their house into a home office.

If not for my full time job, I probably would've grabbed the opportunity. It doesn't really require a lot of capital but it requires a lot of my time. Something I really don't have much of nowadays.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

got the laptop back

I could tell Lexi was excited when she told me Circuit City had called and told her the laptop was ready to be picked up. They had sent it out to HP for repair the week before. When the laptop "died", I thought it was because of a virus. The firedog tech thought it could be the power supply or the harddrive. He even advised me to upgrade the laptop's memory (that's the salesman in him talking).
I found out it was the mother board. HP replaced it, free of charge so I was a very happy camper. They honored the warranty even if I couldn't produce the receipt. Good job HP!! Circuit City on the other hand charged us $64 for the diagnostics. Not too bad.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Five pounds. That's all I ask. Our trip to the Bahamas is right around the corner and I need to lose weight pronto. One thing I noticed as I get older is that I don't lose weight as fast anymore. I used to be able to eat what I want, when i want and not gain weight but those days have gone bye-bye. I've been meaning to diet and exercise, but I lack discipline. I've read diet pill reviews hoping to find answers but I'm just too chicken to even try.

What can I do? Is five pounds really too much to ask??


Received my first american passport in the mail today. I can't believe how quick the process was. It didn't even take 2 weeks for the passports to come back (Steve & little Stevie both had to renew theirs). Anyway, the new passport is way cool. The design is a lot better than the old one. It's electronic and has a built-in microchip that provides automated photo verification. And here's the best photo in this passport looks halfway-decent borderline cute. tee hee. Now I can travel anywhere I want without having to worry about that dang visa.


It's been really muggy the past couple of days. We had a severe storm yesterday. It all happened too quick. The skies turned dark then it started pouring a mixture of rain and hail. The tornado siren started making noise. I was at work and I got worried about the kids. I called up Alexis and was relieved to find out that she had already went down the basement. She saw the emergency alert on the TV and she knew where to take shelter. Good thing our basement is very cozy. It's got its own living room and a game room. It doesn't even smell or feel like a basement. The Santa Fe dehumidifiers installed by the builder sure help take the humidity out. I checked on Steven's daycare as well and they too had taken shelter in the basement. He thought it was cool! The storm caused a lot of trees to fall down. Some places lost power but was quickly restored. Our area didn't get hit that bad, thank God.

Monday, July 07, 2008


We're well into summer and I feel as if I haven't accomplished anything around the house. I can't remember how many times I've planned to do my "spring cleaning". There's just too much clutter in the attic and it's driving me insane. The kids suggested doing a garage sale but I'm really not in the mood to do that. There's just a lot of work involved in that and I don't have time. My idea is to donate all the stuff we don't use. We have many used toys, clothes, shoes, linens, small appliances, tools and equipments we can give to charity. I'm sure we'll make some people happy.

Problem solved

Bought a new laptop. I didn't think I'd last another day without online access. It's torture. The new one (Compaq) has a built-in camera in it, WiFi and all kind of other stuff I was looking for. The price is pretty awesome too. I can't believe how much more affordable laptops have become.

The salesperson I talked to said that in a year or so, I should upgrade my laptop memory, but that's the least of my concern. Right now, I'm just happy I'm back online!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Had a nice 4th of July. The celebration is non-stop. I wanted so much to blog about all the fun stuff we've been doing but all our computers crashed due to some annoying virus. Two laptops and a desktop. Yeah, talk about a pain in the you know what.

Good thing we are at my in-laws right now for a party so I was able to use their computer for a while. I have deadlines you know. Like, I'm supposed to blog about audio racks and the good things you get out of it but I really have no I guess I have to say bye for now. We're about ready to start the fireworks. I wish you all a safe weekend!!!!