Friday, December 28, 2012


I've known my DJ friend from Kansas since our younger days. We've bonded through many nights of karaoke singing during college. I love to sing and she loves to play instruments. She's now retired and turned her hobby into a full time gig. For Christmas, I sent her a korg kaossilator synthesizer. She got a kick out of it. She totally loved my present because it will help her with her DJ business. I'm glad I picked the right gift for her. She very well deserves it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Bang

Happy New Year!!!


It's freezing! Winter finally arrived and I am not too happy about it. I was happy and content with the mild weather, it didn't have to be like this. I often find myself daydreaming about another trip down Florida. I can book a flight and get picked up by tampa limousine service. Then I'd be taken to the resort where I will spend my days lazing by the pool, drinking my margarita. Then I'd play a round of putt-putt golf and go back to my room at the end of the night. Warm, cozy room. Take me away, dream....dream....dream....


Santa Came to Town! The kids were HAPPY!!!


It's been a few months now since my mom had her knee surgery, but she's still not completely healed. She still wobbles and the knee gets swollen all the time. The cold weather is not helping either. Her doctor thinks there is an infection which he treated with anti-biotics. It's been difficult trying to take mom on trips where long walks are required. I thought about utilizing knee walker rental at the Zoo we visited last week because she was in pain almost the entire time we were there. I hope she gets better soon.


I am so tired but I can't sleep. My favorite TV series is on and I have no intention of missing it. I hope I can wake up early tomorrow. I have an early work day and I better get there on time.

Dr Who

Last Halloween, my daughter dressed up as Dr.Who. It is her favorite TV show and the costume seemed easy enough to find. WRONG. We got the suit, sonic screw driver, the button down shirt, the bow and the suspender but we couldn't find Bailey of Hollywood Fedora Hats anywhere! We even visited different thrift stores to try our luck but nope. She ended up just putting her hair up in a bun. She still looked good even when the "get-up" was incomplete. I sure hope she picks an easier costume next year.


Can't wait to have another sip of this yummy Pina Colada

CD copy

I wonder where I can find cd copying services here in Toledo. I wonder if they still exist. I have plenty of pictures in CDs and I would like to have some copies made. I also have some old music from the 80's I wouldn't mind duplicating. I know my laptop has the software but I haven't really tried it. I wonder if it works at all. Maybe I can also check online to see if I can get a connection here in the area. Hard to believe we've been here for more than 5 years and it remains an unfamiliar territory to me. tsk.

Prison Break

Currently watching Prison Break. I've seen it before but it's always nice to revisit. My crush Michael Scoffield is the bomb diggity! :-)


I wonder how a tool balancer works. I've never heard of it until recently. My in-laws are renovating their apartment and they are doing everything themselves. They always talk tools and measurements and materials. They are doing it little by little. Personally, I think it's a lot of work. It requires some mad ass skills. Something I don't have. I'd rather save me enough money and pay somebody to do the hard work for me. Just sayin. :-)


Hibachi dinner is the best. Just got home from Nagoya japanese steakhouse and I have a full belly. Our hibachi chef favored me because he gave me a bigger portion than the others. Now I feel so sleepy. I'm glad I went out to eat tonight though.

Make a difference

I love going to work, most probably because I love what I do. I'm not only a banker, but I like to view myself as someone who tries to help people. Be it with the simple conversation, the financial advice, or help with account issues. I love it when clients leave my office with a smile on their faces. I don't mind spending my own money too. One time, a client took notice of my desk name plate. She really would like to have one for her daughter so she asked me where I got it from. It's provided by my office of course, so I looked up custom name plates online. I ordered one without her knowing and she was genuinely surprised when I presented it to her. She wanted to pay, but I insisted on the "gift". It sure made my day. It made hers too.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Me and Jonna rockin it at Alessa's bday party

Winter Concert

I had a blah day at work yesterday. It was really slow and it made for a very long day. I couldn't stop yawning and my head was about ready to burst. Coffee after coffee didn't help. I'm glad the Bedford High School Orchestra my daughter is a member of treated us to a winter night concert. It sure was very relaxing. They managed to include band members to the concert as well. We heard different kinds of instruments....violin, viola, cello, percussions,sonare flute, and more. The beautiful music they played sure warmed everyone's heart. And we played sing-along too! Best Christmas concert given from the heart :-)

Good Morning!

I'm glad I woke up early today. I'm really enjoying my "me" time right now. 2 cups of coffee and my favorite TV show, I'm in heaven :-)

Back to the Gym?

It's almost 2013 and it's time to think about New Year's resolution yet again. Last year, I managed to stick with a gym routine for 3 months. It felt good getting fit. Bought a lot ofyoga clothing at and I was able to use them until I quit going to the gym. I got sick with bronchitis and I just didn't feel like going anymore. Bad decision. Now I'm more than 20 pounds overweight! And because I eat what I eat when I want to eat, and I'm way older now too, my metabolism is just not keeping up. sigh. I guess it's time to include the gym in my New Year's resolution.

Great day to be alive

So it's the 21st of December.......and we are all alive and well! Thank God!!! We owe it all to him!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Work related blah

Brochure Printing Services are a big part of the industry I work in. Through brochures, we are able to relay to our clients the different kinds of products and services we offer. So it is important that the brochures are clear, concise, and simple. Not only does it help us in helping our clients, but it also makes it easier for the clients to understand. On another note, on my way home from work, I saw a fender bender happen right in front of me. The crack was so loud, I'm surprised the cars didn't seem to have a lot of damage. I bet the driver who hit the other car was busy texting and not paying attention to traffic. sigh. When will people change?


I'm glad the work day is over. It was busy and productive so I shouldn't complain. It's also day 2 of our secret santa. 3 more days to go and it'll be the big reveal:-). Can't wait to find out who my secret santa is.

Monday, December 17, 2012


All the Christmas cards are sent, thank God. So far, I've received 2 greeting cards, a far cry from the 30+ I used to receive in the previous years. Sending cards is a dying tradition, no thanks to the internet and all the social networking in abundance nowadays. I'm glad I have the Bega Label maker on hand, it sure helped a lot not having to write all the addresses. Definitely saved me time and energy. I love my label maker. I use it with everything and anything. I find it useful for my kids' school projects as well. Anyway, I better quit the computer. I've had a hard day and I need to chillax a bit. 'til next!


I'm glad my work day is over! It was toxic! Btw, I'm glad I have a job.


My daughter asked me what I want for Christmas and to be honest, I can't think of any. She told me there must be something I want or need and I had to think long and hard about it. She's putting way too much pressure on me because she wants her Christmas shopping done. Well then fine. I'll let herget the sidi motorcycle boots I've been eye balling for a month now! That will make mission accomplished for her and I'll be one happy camper when I open my present on Christmas day!


I'm afraid someone's going to steal my soda. LMAO

party solution

Christmas parties are part of holiday traditions. I rely on event planning services for great party solutions. The season is stressful enough and if I can get a helping hand, I sure would never turn it down. Yeah, it will cost money but the heartache and headache it will spare me is well worth the price. What about you? Do you rely on the experts or do you enjoy preparing the parties on your own?


Been a busy morning so's almost 3pm andI'm just now eating lunch. Makes me wanna say GIMME A BREAK!


Found out long time ago that my daughter is allergic to fake jewelry. She can only use either pure gold or sterling silver jewelry. She stopped wearing jewelry all together. That eliminated a whole bunch of gift ideas this Christmas. It makes it harder for me because the girl is too picky to begin with. arrrggh! I'm ready to pull my hair.!


Ahhhh....back to the grind again. I'm tired. I need to win the lottery.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have a cousin who's "addicted" to michael kors watches. I can't even count to my fingers the watches he owns. He said he started collecting them when he was in College. It was his first girlfriend who gave him his very first piece. He still has it to this day, which leads me to believe that the brand is of good quality. For Christmas, I plan on giving my husband a watch but I couldn't decide on the style. I might have to enlist the help of my daughter to find the right one for my special man :-). I hope I get lucky.

Siri Boy

My Most Favorite Puppy Ever!!!!

I will always love you

I was in College when I heard "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. I watched the movie Bodyguard with my then boyfriend and somehow the song stuck with me. She sang each line as if the words were written from a page in my heart. Whitney became my most favorite singer of all time since then. Most her songs were top emg pickups no doubt. Her voice is that of an angel. So imagine my sadness when I heard she passed away so suddenly. It wasn't easy accepting it. She's a big loss not only to the music industry but to all her fans all over the world.


Filipino style party :-)

Troubled foot

I finally got my foot x-rayed. After trying 3 times, it finally worked. The first time I went, the urgent care clinic had a long wait time and I lost my patience. The second time I tried didn't have any waiting time but the radiologist didn't accept the doctor's order I brought with me because it didn't specify which foot needed the x-ray. The third and last time worked! And the good news is, there is nothing to concern myself about. I really didn't think anything was wrong, but my doctor insisted on the xray just to make sure we weren't missing anything. And I was ready to look here for spenco sandals that I can use while my foot is healing. Dang!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Protect yourself

I don't know about you, but I'm paranoid when it comes to the security of my computer. I regularly scan my hard drive with virus protection and I make sure that the protection I have is always up to date. I've heard of viruses that can completely wipe hard drives, and that is something I don't ever want to happen to me. I've discarded many computers/laptops through the years because they became infected with some sort of a virus and we've lost so many files until I figured out how to back the files the up. The other big threat is identity theft. I know for a fact that most ID theft happens because the computer's security is not at par with the many viruses created everyday by hackers. It is scary, but we can't let the fear stop us from enjoying the beauty of the internet. Just be aware that we have a responsibility to protect ourselves against such threats.


Good morning folks! Time is going by too fast. I was at the post office this morning and they are starting to get busy with people sending Christmas packages. Hard to believe Christmas is just 21 days away! sigh. I'm not prepared. Can't even think where to start.