Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pauly Shore @ FunnyBone


Who doesn't like getting free promotional products? I browse the internet for freebies. Some of them are worthwhile, some are nothing but total junk. When I go to the mall, I look for free samples. Those little sachets of make-ups are cool travel stuff. Same thing at grocery stores. I remember when I was in College, I'd always tune-in to one particular radio station that has contests for listeners every hour. I'd sit there and wait, and then I'd phone in hoping to get the answer right. I've won a few times and the kick from it was awesome! Free items are cool!

Favorite show

Watching Walking Dead. I missed last week's episode but was able to catch up tonight. So, dim the lights....shhhhh

Why waste time

I just parted ways with an old friend. It was forthcoming. I don't feel an ounce of regret in my heart for what transpired. It was well worth it. Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. And that is to say "good riddance". Tschuss. Auf NIE wiedersehen. How I wish that for every person you meet you can do background checks at That would save you a lot of trouble and heartaches in the end. Some people are just not worthy of the attention, the love, and care a true friend can give. So why waste time?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

lucky number

Bought in September of last year, almost 6 months later and voila.....

Monday, March 18, 2013


Remember the apogee jam I plan on getting my brother for his iPad? I think I found a better one! I was browsing online when I chanced upon apogee duet 2. I think he'll like this one better. It's indeed an upgrade from the previous one and I'm pretty sure he can benefit more from this. He loves his jam and he can even seek the "help" of his son to make his sound better. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he unwraps his present!

Missed it!

Can't believe the hotel we stayed at didn't have AMC. I missed my favorite show last night. Yeah, my Sunday is not complete when I don't see Dead Man Walking. I wonder if it's already uploaded online?


Those who don't really know my daughter think that she is very quiet and reserved. On the contrary, she is the number 1 goofball I have ever laid my eyes on. She is a fun loving person who loves to sing and tell jokes. She sings in the shower, in the car, everywhere....and I do poke fun at her all the time. I tell her I will be needing my earplugs pretty soon. She just laughs and then proceeds to give it to me. Yes, she does look quiet and reserved to those she's not too familiar with, but once she warm up to you, you'll be captivated by her wit and charm.

WIndy City

I never really realized the beauty of Chicago until last weekend. I've been to Chicago at least twice in the past but I never really got the opportunity to explore the city. Sunday was a first for us. We took the train from our hotel to downtown and we walked a few blocks until we reached the starting point of the trolley tour. It was cold and windy and we had to make a few stops to starbucks so we can warm up with hot cocoa. The tour was exciting. My kids were giggling when the tour guide revealed the true meaning of the word Chicago...."stinky onion". I learned a few facts about the city too. I can't wait for the weather to warm up. We are already planning our next trip there. We will spend more time exploring downtown Chicago and what it has to offer.

Limited Space

I should have listened to my friend and looked into getting yakima racks for my car. Last weekend's trip to Chicago proved that I could benefit from the extra space the rack system will give us. I never really realized the big difference in storage space between my old SUV and my car until now. Sure, I save money on gas, but I have very limited compartment space and had to be very clever in stacking our suitcases. This summer, I want my car to be equipped and ready for the many trips we are going to.

mini trip

back from Chicago. Tired but happy.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guitar man

My brother taught himself to play guitar. In the beginning, it was torture for me for he never stopped playing even when it sounded terrible. He bought a beginner's guitar book and a second hand acoustic guitar. He practiced day in and day out. I would sometimes join in and sing some songs while he played. Not long after, his sound started improving. The constant practice paid off, for he began to sound a lot better. He saved up his summer job money and bought a brand new guitar. He even put up his own band and played at town festivals, all in the name of fun. He developed a liking for washburn guitars. I can see why. He never sounded better. Nowadays, when I look back, I remember those times with fondness. The other day, my son told me he wanted to play the guitar. I smiled and remember my brother.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's show time!!!

What time is it???? It's 9pm....and do you know what that means???? It's time for......WALKING DEAD!!!!! wooohooooo!


This is a couple of weeks late but I would like to congratulate Bedford HS orchestra for receiving first division ratings at the recently concluded Orchestra festival at Livonia. They have come a long way. The chamber orchestra always represent! I'm so glad my daughter is part of this great music program offered by a public school. She has been playing the violin since the 5th grade. She never had any private lessons, but her focus and determination certainly helped her to be where she is right now. She's still developing, and I'm looking forward to the next coming years. That being said, I know I need to get her a new violin. Hers is old and beat up, thanks to 5 years of constant use. If her friend can find quality Cellos at WWBW, I'm pretty sure I can check out the website for her instrument as well. It'll be a great birthday present.

Sequester FAQs

Everything you need to know. It sucks.

Silly thought

Recently, my daughter found a website that allowed her to order business cards for free. She only had to pay shipping and she thought it was worthwhile. Her order came in less than a week, and I can say I was pretty delighted at the design she picked. I thought it was funny and smart to have her job title as "demon hunter". She didn't put our address, a witty move I say, but she did put Buffy the Vampire Slayer's address on it. I told her to look for cheap letterhead for my personal use. I'd like it to say something funny and obnoxious. It'll be cool to use specially at the end of the year when one is expected to send out a "journal" or yearly update to friends and families. I still haven't decided on the actual letterhead design but I'm open for suggestions. PM me for ideas! :-)

Siri Boy

Who can resist your charm, my dear Siri Boy????

Lazy Sunday

I was not so busy today. I took it upon myself to just chillax and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. I finally got my car washed. It signals spring when the winter salt is washed away from my under carriage. I forgot to get my oil changed though. It was the only thing on my weekend to-do list and I completely failed. I wish I could do it myself but getting lifts for automobiles is not in the budget. LOL. I saw a bunch of motorcycle peeps cruising around town. Seems like Harley is the bike of choice around here. I also saw some pimped out cars. Rims big and shiny. They're not afraid to show. Yeah, they have reason to be proud. I would love to own a pimped out car too someday.


Spring!!!! I can almost feel you!!!!!!


The economy is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. In my line of work, I see how people are directly affected by what's going on in our country. I see a lot of lay offs, and people are just barely getting by. Making ends meet is a top concern. I see rise in criminal activities, including, but not limited to theft. People are selling their prized possessions, and it's not unusual to hear about gold coins for sale.I can't count on my fingers the many times I've wanted to take money out of my pocket and hand it to the person sitting in front of me but I know it's frowned upon at work and I could lose my job. Ahhh, so is life nowadays. Sad.


is getting old. I'm tired of seeing the same old stuff from the same old people. so many childish stuff going on. I've wanted to delete some "friends" but I just haven't taken the time to. it's a waste, methinks.


St Patrick's day is coming and we are excited. We are planning to go to Chicago to celebrate and we just couldn't wait! Hotel is booked and everything that we need for the trip, including the garmin alpha for our little pup is packed in our suitcase already. Yeah, I know it's crazy but we decided to take him along. There'll be lots of people, specially at the parade and we can't risk losing our beloved pup! He had "run-away" a couple of times and he always find his way back, but Chicago is a totally different story.

Spring Forward

Not liking it. Yeah, we got a little bit more daylight...but....I WANT TO SLEEP LONGER!!! It sure will feel worse tomorrow morning when I'm getting ready for work :-)

Friday, March 01, 2013


My brother loves his guitar. He is self-taught and I'm really amazed at the skill he developed through the years. He slowly but surely mastered his craft. He even started his own band when he was in High School. It was a hobby that turned into a passion. A passion he handed down to his two teenage sons. Both kids are great guitar players as well. For Christmas, I plan on finding a website where I can buy apogee jam for their iPad. I'm pretty sure they'll appreciate it. Not quite sure though if their mom will like the noise :-).


Yes, TGIF. I'm glad the day is over though. It was busy as heck at the bank. It's a combination of the 1st and the 3rd. The lobby was busy the entire day. I felt really bad for the tellers. Then the computers decided to crash late in the afternoon. I'm glad no one got too frustrated. What a day!!!