Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sing a long

I am Filipino. And like most Asians, we love karaoke. You know you're at a Filipino party when you hear sing-a-long all night long. At home, I have what we call "magic mic". It's a microphone with built in songs in it. You can also add chips for more song selection. You just plug it in your television and voila, the party can start!It's the best party "must have". I remember looking for the best karaoke machine for kids when my daughter turned 13. I thought she'd get a kick out of it. Like me, she loves to sing. Now, if you ask if singing likes us, the answer is....maybe :-).


I love my smart phone. I don't know what I'll do without it. It's my lifeline. My connection to the outside world. There had been times I forgot it at home, and I had to turn around and drive back to get it. I just feel naked without it. To think I resisted for so long. I was so against cel phones back in the day. What was I thinking???

tv mount

I know I've talked about mounting our LED TV one too many times, but I'm such a proscrastinator that I haven't even done any research on what product I should get. Maybe I should look at mounting brackets at standandmounts first and I'll go from there. For me quality is the key. I don't want to just focus on price. I've been burned too many times by cheap low quality products. No way it is happening this time.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Night Driving

Darling daughter passed her level 1 license and is now on her way to level 2. She has a learner's permit and is required at least 30 hours of driving before she can go on to the next level exam. Tonight, I let her drive to Kroger. She did OK, but she did make me nervous when she was about to park. This girl needs practice!!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

BlueMan Group

I got the opportunity to watch the Blue Man group at the Stranahan theater in Toledo this year. It was a real treat. It was some sort of comical, musical, interactive show. We were seated at the front row and we could hear every beat and every thump of the drums. The back-up band provided great musical support with their guitars and drums as well. I bet they use nothing but the best tube amp. My kids were at awe. It was well worth every dollar we spent. The only downer was we didn't get "wet" at all. We were at the splash zone and we came home dry. :-)

What's for lunch??

This is ours...what's yours??? *photo off the internet

Lifestyle change

The beginning of the year is always the best time for resolutions. Yeah, it's the time to make promises we will break later on. :-). As for me, I resolve to be more active this year. Not that I am living a sedentary life. It's just that I want to be fit once and for all. I plan on encouraging my daughter to join me in my quest for fitness. In fact, I bought yoga gifts for her last Christmas. It will be fun. And I will update you of our progress through out the year.

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday morning and I have nothing planned. I will take it easy and relax the entire day. I need to mentally prepare for tomorrow's work day. What about you, any Sunday plans?


Starting up a business in the USA is quite easy, especially if it's sole ownership. The set-up process is comprehensive. There are softwares you can buy online to help run the technical side of business. There are also mobile pos system here that a business owner can use to accept payments. Self-help books and websites are also available. Now the hard part is gathering clients to sustain the business. If it's service oriented, one must provide quality work at an affordable rate. Good customer service doesn't hurt. Advertising is great, but word of mouth resulting in referrals is even better.


I'm glad Twilight is over. Now I can focus on "The Hunger Games" lol