Thursday, December 29, 2011


My daughter loves to read. When she was younger, we'd take her to the bookstore and she'd spend hours and hours browsing the aisles. We spent a lot of money buying books. Her favorites are Harry Potter (she started reading the series in 5th grade) by J.K Rowling, Doctor Who series, books by Riordan, books by John Green, The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, which I also read btw. Her love for reading has turned into a passion. She'd spend many sleepless nights trying to finish up a good book she just couldn't put down. For 2012, she is participating in the 50 book challenge. I know she'll do well.

Recently, I've looked into kobo reviews
to find a good e-reader for her. I figured it will be so much easier to just have a compilation of books she can read in one tablet. But then again I realized that part of the joy of reading is being able to turn a page. Don't you think???

Childhood memories

I was born in the 70's. A time in my life where worries didn't exist. It was a great decade. From the music, to the games we played, to the toys that made childhood such a happy memory. I had a blast from the past experience when I visited loop 900 yoyo factory online. My eyes were wide with excitement. Memories surged through my brain. I remember yoyo battles with friends. I used to be able to play different kinds of tricks, I wasn't the best, but hey, I didn't do too badly.

I miss those days. I wish those days still exist so my children will be able to enjoy their childhood the way I did.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcome 2012

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

birth of Social Networking

I'm a blogger. There was a time in my life when my world revolved about my blog and the blogs of my blogger friends. I found a community away from my community. We talked about everything. Life, kids, family, friends, work and most the time about how the internet played a big role in meshing our lives together in one big bowl of tangled web. We also oftentimes checked InetSoft's report engine to see statistics that might be vital to our blogging existence.

Ahhhh, those were the days. The good old world of blogging long before social networking hit it big time. Trends have changed in a very short period of time. But who am I to complain? I just go with the flow. Thankful that even when I'm so far away from my real life friends, they're never really out of reach.

Wet basement

I would never forget the day we came down to our basement to find everything floating around an inch of water. The sump pump had died overnight and because of the non-stop rain, water overflowed in our basement. What a mess it was! I was so upset because a lot of our pictures and some important documents got wet.

It took a lot of work to bring our basement back to how it was before the flooding. We were worried about mold issues as well. Thankfully, I know of a company that specializes in equipment leasing. I went to their office and asked for help. I came home with two industrial sized fans and a dehumidifier. It took 3 days to completely dry off the basement, probably longer if not for the prefessional grade equipments!

ID theft

As many of you know, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States today. Someone's identity is being stolen every 4 seconds, according to statistics. And I believe it to be true. After all, we've fallen victims to such crooks! A few years back, someone had gotten a hold of my husbands social security numbers and opened up an AT&T account in Miami Florida racking up a bill of $2100. The situation came to light when I decided to review our credit report and found out about the theft. It had caused a negative/derogatory remark on our credit report that took two years to get fixed. It was our burden to prove that we didn't do what they said we did. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to do because we were overseas on military duty when the charges were made.

As a direct result, I've become more vigilant in checking our credit reports. We signed up for Identity protection that offers 24/7 of credit monitoring. It also offers document imaging that help secure our important paperwork. I have peace of mind knowing we're protected. How about you?

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Armed with my sears coupons, I stormed the store this morning. I went straight to the electronics department, my favorite part of the store. I was looking for an iPod player I can use for my bedroom. With my coupons, I know I can save a lot money. And I'm all for saving money!!!

The only bad thing is, I bought more than what I came there for. There's so many items on sale that I find it silly not to get them. They are stuff I've been wanting to get anyway, so no harm, no foul . :-)


I don't normally stop for anybody at the mall. I hate making eye contact to the sales people because then they start talking to you and force you to try their products. Some are a little more pushy than others but I don't really blame them. They have to make a living somehow. Because it's Christmas season, I decided to give one of the sales people the gift of my time. She had me try some lotion made from dead sea minerals and I could say I was impressed. My hands really felt softer and smoother. I bought 3 just for me. I'm glad I made the stop.

Last minute

I can't believe it's Christmas eve already and it doesn't feel like I'm ready for Christmas to come. I've been so busy with work that I have neglected to do my Christmas shopping. Needless to say, I battled the mall crowd this morning to get some last minute gifts for family and friends. I went to a local jewelry store because I heard they have the best jewelry beads I can use for the personalized bracelets I plan on giving my close friends. I was not disappointed. I found the cutest yet inexpensive beads. Thank God, Christmas is saved! :-)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where did the time go??

My cutie pie....She's all grown up now!!!!

Fame and Fortune

Lindsay Lohan is on the news again recently. No, it's not about the airbrushed Playboy spread she proudly posed for (honestly, I think her mom is a big pimp), nor it is about the latest drug detox clinic she checked out of. It's about her latest court appearance wherein she was praised by the judge for finally displaying "responsible" behavior. Something positive, for a change. I don't understand celebreties really. They are given the opportunity to make their lives better and yet, all they do is ruin it. Can money and fame really change a person? I guess so, in most cases. I would never be able to see that for myself I bet yah :-).

Car speakers.

I don't want to deal with it right now because I've spent way too much money on Christmas presents but I know I will have to real soon. I will have to take my car to the dealer and have my stereo system looked at. It started last week when I had my stereo at full blast listening to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in the car. I was merrily singing along when I heard a cracking noise from my car speakers. I had to turn the volume down right away.

Hmmm, another unexpected expense. But I'd rather spend money than be without music.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I was at my favorite electronics store this morning when the PS3 display caught my eye. I could not believe the prices of ps3 bundles they sell this season. One can really get a good deal! Compared to what I paid 3 years ago, ps3 bundles have become more affordable. And I bet the graphics are better as well. And I bet it can do a lot of cool things compared to its predecessor.

That's my only beef with electronics and such. What you buy today will more than likely be phased out tomorrow. Can't catch up with technology anymore!!! It's hard on the pocketbook, don't you agree???

No holiday break

Christmas is coming and one of my good friends is a little bit bummed about it. She's an ER nurse and if her work schedule doesn't change, it seems like she'll be spending her Christmas with her medical computer cart at the the emergency room of the hospital she works at. It doesn't really bother her, but it just so happen that her mom and dad will be in town that day and she won't be able to spend the holidays with them

I feel sorry for her, I do. But at the same time, I do admire her very much for all the sacrifices she makes in pursuing her passion. She loves helping and caring for the sick. And I salute her for that.

Black diamond

You have got to be kidding me. Black diamond earrings??? I've never heard of such a thing until I saw a TV commercial of some famous jewelry store. I probably would have thought it's a crazy idea until I saw how beautiful they were. I never knew there are different variants of diamonds. There's also the chocolate kind if I'm not mistaken. Sure makes a wonderful Christmas present. After all, aren't diamonds a woman's best friend???

search is not over

I've searched everywhere but I can't find the aluminum briefcase hubby uses all the time. It's as if it vanished in thin air. There's an important document in that briefcase and I need to find it pronto! The last time hubby used the briefcase was when he went to a military training in Fort Bragg. I haven't seen it ever since. I've asked him several times and he does not have a clue either.

Maybe I should quit looking for it and hope that it magically reappears. We don't have a big house and it amazes me how some things just disappear.

No idea

Does anyone know if there's a youtube downloader app available on an android phone? I've been having trouble accessing youtube on my phone due to some technical difficulties (read: stupid phone). Some stuff I want to watch on youtube are not available to watch on a mobile device. Why is that I wonder? If it's connected to the internet, I don't see why it matters what device I use or not.

Oh well, I guess I'll never understand technology. Though I'm proud to say I've come a long way in comparison to where I was years ago in terms of computer technology.

Busy Post Office

Bring out the box cutters!!!! Plenty of boxes to open as packages are sent from all corners of the world. I was at the post office today and boy oh boy, I was in line for too long. I spent my entire hour lunch just to send a small package. People were lined up to the door, a couple or so boxes and Christmas cards on both hands. I'm pretty sure the post office staff have their hands full. And this is just the beginning. I'm sure they'll get busier as Christmas draws near. Ahhhh the full of love and care. I wish it's a holiday everyday.