Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bad day

I had a bad day yesterday, so bad I do not really want to go into details. But because I'd rather look at a glass half full than half empty, I've come to the conclusion that yesterday's events were just blessings in disguise. First, I survived the ordeal. Second, I found a lot of angels who were willing to help me out, truly heaven sent. Third, I realized that no matter how bad things seem to be, things will always work out in the end.

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Alexis has been wanting to buy a north face womens fleece. She is spending a lot of time outdoors and she needs something that will keep her warm. Something stylish but not too bulky at the same time. Fleece is the perfect choice. And North Face is a great brand. We just need to find the time to go to the mall and get the style and color she likes. I don't trust myself getting it for her by myself because she can be picky sometimes. I don't want to make a mistake and have to go back to the store and return the purchase. Better safe than sorry.

Siri Boy

Beware of my ATTACK dog!!!! The evil eyes say it all! LOL.

Reliable tires

Winter is coming and hubs just informed me that we will be needing new tires for his Chevy Tahoe. He will be driving to Kentucky all the time and he needs reliable tires to ensure his safety. I jokingly told him that he might also find snow chains useful on his drive to the mountainous areas. He said it's not as bad as I imagine it to be. We'll see. We had a mild winter last year and they are predicting it to be worse this year.

My birthday gift to myself. Had to let go of my 2007 Jeep Compass. Super ride. I had forgotten how nice a car handles.