Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend Cook-out in pictures

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Start with the veggies.......

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followed by the meat (pork loin, chicken breast, shrimps)....

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then pretend you know what you're doing......

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in case of emergency, ask for a little help.....

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and VOILA!!!!! Trust me, it's yummier than it looks!!!


Friday, March 23, 2007

sabunutan ang sarili

It's Friday, but I'm not at all happy about it. You won't be hearing me say TGIF. Two more days and I have to go back to work. My two-week vacation is over...gone...finito...arrgghhhh!!


Friday, March 16, 2007


I've always considered myself as the human compass. My navigation skills are exceptional. I pride myself in finding my way in and out of a totally unfamiliar territory. And I'm not afraid to pull over and ask for directions when lost. That's why when we bought the new car, Navigation system was out of the question. I mean, what am I, S-t-u-p-i-d??? I can find my way around, yah know.... I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars for something I don't need.

But, this is our last summer here in Germany and we plan on taking little trips here and there. And if you want to hear hubby & I argue, just sit with us in a car. Truth is, I feel sorry for the guy. I'm such a control freak and I just can't keep my mouth shut when he's on the wheel. I'm probably the worst backseat driver in the whole entire world. So we did ourselves a favor and bought this new toy . It's nice, I tell you. Best part is, it came with US/North America disc as well.

We'll be in Ramstein Air Force base tomorrow for Alexis' European Spelling Bee competition. By the way, I found out she'll be competing against 8th graders from all of Europe as well. Geez, it'll be like David & Goliath. Imagine a 4th grader, 9 yr old girl going against a bunch of teenage middle schoolers. I haven't told her yet because I didn't want to alarm her. Next week, we're headed to Tropical Islands near Berlin. Easter break will be spent touring Trier, Luxemburg, and Brussels. Ahhh, there's just so many things to do but very little time left.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

weekend gastos

I was outnumbered. Two against one. Mom & Steve against the strong-willed Rhada. It was a battle I fought bravely, and LOST. A losing battle from the very beginning, because I, myself wanted it as much as they do.......

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am alive

...hah hah hah hah staying alive, staying alive......

heto ako....nagpaparamdam...buhay na buhay.....namumula ang hasang.....

abalang-abala sa kung ano-anong pagkakaabalahan....masaya....

sana, kayo din.............para lahat tayo, happy happy.........

maligayang "weekend" sa inyong lahat!!!