Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wallet Tag-not

As you can see, I have no money. I'm BROKE. All I have is a bunch of receipts from my shopping trips. No cash. Truth is, I hardly use cash anymore. I use my debit card a lot. I carry 2 debit cards, 2 platinum credit cards, a cash card, my military ID, driver's license.....ooopppss i almost forgot, I also have a picture of my family hehehe.

*This is not a TAG from my favorite (kapamilya) bloggers Cheh, Girlie, ate marie, or thekya. I know I owe them TAGS (na hindi ko pa rin nagagawa hanggang ngayon hehe). They're probably tired of tagging me because I'm not really good at following through with it. huwag kayong madadala ha?? TAGS are always welcome*

So, Des, Tin, Nao, analyse, and kumareng hustisya...pwede bang masilip ang wallet niyo?


It's unbelievable. Paulit-ulit na lang ba ito???


some "pagkakakitaan" are soooooooooooooo demanding. they make sure they get their money's this case, MORE than their money's worth.....

*buti sana kung mabilis magbayad, eh ang tagal tagal naman...tapos me pareject-reject pa ng post* hahahahahahahaha

naloloka akish!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I cannot imagine going through life in this day and age without insurance. When our house in Georgia suffered damages due to ferocious wind gusts, our landlord insurance coverage helped us with the repair costs. When hubby's SUV got vandalized, our auto insurance took care of the bills for us. Oh, and don't get me started with health insurance. I cannot reiterate more the importance of having health insurance. Just imagine suddenly falling ill and you're not covered. What are you going to do? Sit and wait? I hope not! And boy oh boy, I sure hope you are covered with term life insurance.

Frankly, I'm appalled at how some hospitals (in the Philippines) treat you when you don't have insurance. I remember reading about a distressed man who took his own newborn baby hostage because the hospital wouldn't release his family due to his inability to pay the bills. The hospital's excuse? The family didn't participate in the family insurance they were offering to poor families. So they basically missed out. That's bull crap. Anyway, the best thing to do nowadays is to get insurance qoutes from a reputable insurance quoting services. It's important to know what options are available to you so you can protect yourself and your family.

Here's a funny story that happened to my asthmatic aunt long time ago. She was having one of her asthma attacks so we all rushed her to the hospital. When we got there, the receptionist (a nurse) started asking her personal questions,- name, age, insurance card, money for deposit blah blah. She didn't care that my aunt was literally gasping for air at this point. My aunt got so frustrated that she blurted out "P*t*ng I*a Mo! Mahhh-mahh-mahh-thayyy na kohhhh, ini-interview moh pah kohhhhhhhhh" (son of a b*#ch, i'm already dying and you're still interviewing me!). Embarrassed, the nurse hurried up and helped her. I still laugh about it to this day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


How can you do this to an innocent little child?? Sure, kids can sometimes be pain in the necks, but you brought them to this world. It is your responsibility to protect them, not hurt them. When they whine and cry, it's because they are frustrated. They can't help that.

What kind of a person are you? Why did you have to do that? Why?

Monday, November 26, 2007


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Pigeon Forge cabins

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TV stand

Remember when all I could talk about was the LCD TV mount we wanted for our living room? It was hubby's idea, but I think he had given up on it. There's just no way we are going to put holes on our wall. At least not right now. If we ever did, it'll be installed professionaly. I just don't trust hubby with this task. He's a good guy, really, but he's not a handyman. (Don't tell him I said I don't trust him tee hee)

Anyway, I think for the meantime plasma tv stands will do. It's easier and "risk-free". It'll save me the headache for sure.


My grandfather died because of colon cancer. I was too young to remember him, but everyone tells me I was his favorite. He doted on me. Maybe because he felt sorry for me. I was the ugly duckling, after all. In the hospital, before his surgery, he walked the aisle holding my little hand. He specifically asked to see me. Maybe it was his way of saying goodbye.

Today, I wonder if a regular colon cleanse could have prevented the disease. It's too late now, but I sure wish he had more options back then. Maybe I would have known him better.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


The idea of earning money through my blog sounded too good to be true at first. I was cynical. It sounded too easy. And I know money doesn't come easy. The concept is pretty simple as well. You register your blog. You write about the products or services. You earn money. There must be a catch, right? WRONG!

The only catch is the money that starts coming in my paypal account. ME LIKE IT A LOT!!! So, I'm at a point right now where I want to take it up a notch higher. I'm going to blogvertise! Blogvertise is unique in a way that I can still be the blogger that I am and earn money in the process. With blogvertise, I can write up an entry about the internet advertiser however I want! I can review the site, compliment it, relate to it somehow in my daily life, and heck, I can even complain about it!! Isn't that cool??

I'm excited. Really, I am.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Doing what I do best.......

Me and Blakey...aint he a cutie pie?

Aunt Alicia (Blakey's mommy), Lexi, Grandma, Aunt Amy

St Augustine

Perhaps one of the things that I liked about being stationed in Ft Stewart GA was our close proximity to Florida. The border was about 45 minutes south of our house. Jacksonville is about an hour and a half away, Orlando about 4, Tampa 5. It's pretty much a straight shot with I-95 so you can bet we were always spending our weekends exploring Florida and it's fine cities. One of the most memorable cities we've visited is the oldest city in the whole United States, St. Augustine. It's a very beautiful city. If memory serves me right, it was also the first time I visited Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. I have fun memories of St Augustine, and now more than ever, I want to go back and visit. This is why.......

The art galleries of St. Augustine are sponsoring FREE, self guided monthly St. Augustine Artwalk, featuring the finest collection of eclectic art in North Florida where you can explore painting, photography, architecture, music and more. Free parking and free Sightseeing Train and Trolley tours are also available.

The First Friday Weekend Art Walk kicks off on December 7th. This will be a monthly first weekend event thereafter. What an inexpensive yet enriching way to spend your free time. Truly exciting times!

Thanksgiving dinner

Just got home from the thanksgiving dinner at my SIL's house. Boy, I am STUFFED!!! I had two helpings of ham, green bean casserole, sweet yams, deviled eggs, little bit of turkey, and so much more (I can't even remember all the food that I stuffed in my face). I swear all I want to do right now is sleep.

I'm pissed that I have to work tomorrow. Whole day, to say the least! sucks big time.

Home School

Looking for a great resource in homeschooling? The K-12 Free HomeSchool program is a cutting-edge solution for families who wish to provide their children with a quality Christian education at home. This innovative home school program is supported by the community therefore all the core curriculum are tuition-free. The same program typically costs around $250-$300 elsewhere. I remember a co-worker in Germany who was paying $12K a year for her grandchild. I thought it was crazy!

The K-12 Free Academy and it's staff of dedicated educators are thrilled to offer top notch education to your home school children. It's online technology at it's finest.

Enrollment is limited, so hurry and reserve your spot!

Weekend Pics

Army Training Conference Banquet

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plain talk

Before our big move to the United States, hubby and I discussed a lot of different options for the family as a whole. Afterall, it's not just about the two of us anymore, we have kids to consider as well and I think they are the ones that really matters most. We could have moved to a unit in Colorado and have the kids attend Boulder Colorado Schools. It would have been nice, if not for the fact that the Colorado unit is deploying to Iraq again. We needed to stay away from deployment even for a little time. 2 extended deployments (15 months each time) in a matter of nearly 4 years is enough. We wanted to move a little closer to his family in Michigan, and the only way to do that is to be a local recruiter for the United States Army. Except for the yearly 2 or 3 weeks vacation we spend in his hometown, the kids really haven't had that much opportunity to bond with their grandparents. So when hubby's recruiting packet in the nearby area of Cleveland, Ohio was approved, we couldn't have been happier. It gives me great joy to see my hubby enjoying the time the family he left 12 years ago when he joined the military.

Alexis adjusted quite easily in her new school. We had the parent-teacher conference and she's doing really well. Her reading skills is comparable to that of an 8th grader, while her Math is comparable to a 6th grader (she's not that good in Math, just like me). She's in 5th grade and an A student. She's in the honor roll and she also started playing the violin. Steven goes to a preschool, and is learning how to write and spell words. He's still as goofy as ever and never fails to put a smile in my face. Hubby's job is OK, tolerable so far. He puts in a lot of hours at work, but it's a lot better than Iraq. He gets to come home every night at least. And me? I'm just a happy camper. I'm happy when my family is happy. I don't need a lot. Things are not always rosy but the secret is focusing on what you have rather than what you don't have. I'm too blessed to be depressed.

Shout out

This shout out goes to Kapitana for the lovely award she gave me.....also to neybor Cheh, and pretty supladita thekya for the lovely TAGS. Will get to them's just a bit hectic this week. Utang muna!!! :-)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day on this side of earth. Will be celebrating it at my sis-in-laws place.

So to everyone, Happy thanksgiving!!!! There's just a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Men in Uniform

When hubby was in Iraq, he got in touch with an internet organization that helps provide military gear to soldiers in need of tactical equipment. They gave him much needed equipment to help with his missions. He and his fellow soldiers realized that there are still people and organizations out there who truly cared and believed in helping their cause. It meant a lot.

This holiday season, think about the soldiers that are serving far away from home. Shop 511 tactical and donate an equipment or tactical gear today. Your support is very much appreciated.


We are billeted at the Holiday Inn (French Quarter) in Perrysburg, Ohio for the whole weekend. The entire hotel was reserved just for the Cleveland Recruiting Battalion. It's kinda cool. People are still partying outside. Loud music. Drunk soldiers and wives. The kids and I chose to stay in the room and watch some TV. Hubby is playing poker with some of his guys. I'm glad I have Alexis' laptop with me.

Want to hear something funny? Steven has a scratch on his right hand. It's a teenie-weenie scratch but he's insisting on putting a band-aid on it. OK, where in the heck am I going to find a band-aid? I told him we don't have any band-aid here, and that made him fuss more. I kissed the boo-boo but that didn't help either. But since my middle name is McGyver, hehe, I found a solution to his problem. Panty liner! BWAHAHAHAHA. Poor thing, he doesn't know any better. He has a panty liner wrapped around his boo-boo right now. BWAHAHAHAHA. Oh my, he's going to be scarred for life!

Car insurance

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


I wanted to go to the mall today to buy a new pair of shoes for the battalion ball we're attending this weekend. I bought a black knee-length dress for the occassion. I originally intended to wear my black knee-high leather boots to go with it but I changed my mind at the last minute. I don't want to look too casual in a (semi) formal event. Hubby will just wear his dress blues (army formal attire). This is the first time, in our (almost) 11 years of marriage that we're attending such an event.

Anyway, good thing I remembered about the cable repair guy. I almost forgot we have an appointment this afternoon. We need another line installed. He would have been pissed if he came over and nobody's home.

Oopps, somebody just rang the doorbell. I bet it's the cable guy.

Stuck Ups

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Dare to be different. Dare to be You. Own a stuck up today!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I don't normally do this, but nowadays, nothing is normal anymore (to me at least). I've searched friendster for (Pinay) locals in the area. Out of the 3 or 4 Filipinas I contacted, 1 replied. She works and lives about 15 minutes away from me. She seems nice and accommodating, I might meet up with her someday.

Ahhmm, I feel like a stalker. I bet those who didn't reply probably thought I was one psycho bitch. This is so out of character. Those who know me can attest to this. Oh well, I guess it's worth a shot. After all, I met my good friend Justice through Friendster (she was the stalker then...hehe) *peace kumare, i miss yah*

Health Podcasts

The drastic change in weather is taking it's toll in my family. One day it's cold, the next it's warm. Some days are windy, some are rainy. The way it is, it's hard to even plan the kind of clothing to wear for the day. Just last week, both kids were battling cold and flu symptoms. Thankfully, it didn't last.

Apropos Cold and Flu, I would like to raise awareness about a Whole Foods Market that's doing the community a whole lot of good by running a podcast series pertaining to natural health alternatives. For this month, the topic is Cold and Flu Season.

The first podcast covers ways to SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM . The second segment deals with HOMEOPATHY AND OSCILLO. To finish off, this month's exciting podcast tacklesWELLNESS FORMULA, as a way to boost your immune system.

Explore the world of natural body care and supplements one podcast at a time. Check back each month to hear from leading experts on everything from great herbs that heal, to why natural personal care is a better alternative. Do yourself some good, you'll be glad you did!

Not a sponsored post

I've never had this much fun blogging. I mean, writing about the things I love and getting paid for it is just wonderful. I didn't think I have what it takes, but it was worth the try. I blog anyway so why not make money out of it? Even hubby is cheering me on whenever I sit on the laptop and start browsing for possible opps. My paypal account actually has money in it, it's unbelievable! Extra money is always good. :-)

I really credit my good friend girlie who encouraged me to join the pro-blogging bandwagon. It's really been a very positive experience.

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Quick and Easy Loans

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Life insurance

If you haven't started yet, now is the best time to make sure you and your family are protected when the unexpected happens. Life is full of uncertainties and we do need to plan ahead. Look into life insurance policies to make sure your family is taken care of when you are not there anymore to take care of them.

Death is a hard thing to discuss. I have a hard and emotional time thinking about it. But it is a fact of life. It's inevitable. We need to realize that what we do about it now can make a big impact in the future of our children. Simply put, "hope for the best, prepare for the worse".

Chrysler 300

Right after I purchased my Jeep, the new models for Chrysler 300 started rolling in. They are sharp looking and I wished I waited longer before deciding to put my money in the Jeep. I sure don't mind having one of those sharp looking lean mean machines. I would've picked the black color. Just think about all the Chrysler 300 accessories I can buy to make it look more fancy. Even hubby is telling me I should have bought the Chrysler 300. I'm not one to look back and regret what I did, but he's right and I agree.

Family matters

Grandma B is hubby's grandma (father side). She's a strong independent woman. She bore 11 children, and raised them by herself. She loves to cook. She makes the best chicken and dumpling I've tasted in my entire life. I've tried duplicating it many times, with no luck. She loves her freedom. She had her own apartment up North and pretty much did everything by herself. Up until....

My in-laws received a phone call from one of Grandma B's friends. She'd been taken to the hospital, after a dramatic 911 phonecall. Unbeknownst to the whole family, grandma is suffering from a mild form of Alzheimers. She forgot that she'd already taken her pain medication and took them again and again, resulting to an alleged overdose. Apparently she also oftentimes forget she's in the middle of cooking, as evidenced by the burnt pots and pans. She forgets a lot of other things, some are trivial, some more serious. It wasn't long after that my in-laws realized that grandma is not only posing danger to herself but to other people as well. So they made the decision to move her back to the farm.

The transition turned out to be harder that what they'd hoped for. Grandma B resents the fact that the family needs to take care of her. She's still not used to it, but she's adjusting. She still forgets things. Her health, just like her moods, has it's ups and down. She's been hospitalized several times over the summer. My in-laws are aware that time will come when she will need more care than they can give. Sooner or later, taking her to a nursing home might just be the only option they'll have. I recommended checking out for answers to some of their most crucial questions regarding care options for grandma B. For now, all we can do is pray for the best.

take it easy

I never noticed. But all of sudden, just right before I turned the car into the garage, I realized that our tree in the front yard is now bare. Not a single piece of leaf on it's branches. I can't believe I missed the changing colors. The most beautiful part of autumn. I can't believe I was too busy to pay close attention. I can't believe I let it pass right before my eyes.

I've been busy. I think it's time to slow down and reevaluate my priorities.

Dating Services

Feeling unlucky in the love department? Have you given up hope because no matter what you do, you just can't seem to find Mr. Right? Are you still single and waiting for your knight in shining armour but feel that life is passing you by? I know it's not easy. It can be depressing at times. You begin to question yourself, and your self esteem hits rock bottom. I'll be the first to say "you don't need a man to make you happy!", but in all reality, I bet all of us yearn to be with someone we can share our lives with.

With the advancement in technology, it's never been easier to find our perfect match. Truth is, I was never a fan of online dating. I thought it was impersonal, and you are never sure if the other person is being honest with you. There's a lot of scammers out there who prey on vulnerable women (and men I suppose). I've heard so many horror stories. You hear it over and over again and it still amazes me how some people don't educate themselves first. Is love really that blind??

On the other hand, there are many many success stories as well. In fact, I have friends who've met their spouse through online dating. They're successful because they did their homework. They were cautious, and they turned to a very helpful Dating Site to get a detailed reviews of dating personals sites and matchmaking services.

There's a lot of good guys out there. You just need to know where to look.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Currently watching Shrek 3 on DVD. The kids wanted to wait for daddy but today is hubby's late work night so I just told the kids to go ahead and watch by themselves. Lexi popped some popcorn and both of them are currently glued to the TV screen. I'm half-watching, half-blogging. Not really a fan of the Ogre. I rented a total of 6 movies. Ocean's 13, Deck the Halls, Shrek 3, Fracture, Dora and Justice League. I think I'll watch Ocean's 13 before I go to bed.

I am soooooooooooo unmotivated to do anything.

Reading tutors

A good friend of mine was at the parent-teacher conference last night. She has an 8 year old son in second grade. She was a happy camper because her son got mostly A's and two B's. He excels in Math and Science. But his English subject, particularly in reading is a little bit below average. I encouraged her to start reading as a hobby. Kids pick up on this habit. If they see their parents reading, they'll develop a love for reading too. I also mentioned the possibility of hiring Reading Tutors. She loved the idea and she's willing to do anything she can to help her child do better in school.

Link of Love

Got this love chain from

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know more bloggers in this big big blogging world.

This linky love trail rules: When you get tagged…you have to add your name next to people who had done the tag and and let the list grow!


Let’s keep the list growing, so more and more people will discover our blogs. Let’s expand our readership and let others know that we exist! Now can we keep this going?




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Can't wait

Received an email from my long time friend Sue. She and her hubby would like to come over the weekend of December 7th-9th. Sue and I go way back. I met her when I started working for AAFES in 2000, but we never really got close until we shared office as reorders. We hit it off instantly. We worked well together and we gained respect not only from our bosses but from our peers as well. She developed a taste for Filipino foods and I developed a taste for baked goods (her specialty). We laughed, we cried, we shared thoughts and our passion for food. That's why I missed her a lot when they moved back to the U.S.

Needless to say, I'm really excited and thrilled that they are planning to visit. Can't wait!!!


Gambling is a form of addiction. A lot of people are drawn to it because of the lure of big money. And I don't blame them. There's this one lady who came to the branch one day, to see if the check she deposited had already cleared. It was for $16K. Her husband took her to the casino for "sweetest day" and she took home the "sweetest pot" from the slot machine. She was very excited. And she has reasons to be. $16K is a lot of money, specially when you're not expecting it. It was her first time, and beginners luck just smiled at her. I wondered if that would be her last?

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Monday, November 12, 2007


Our internet connection is officially terminated. That's a savings of $35 from our monthly internet/cable/phone bill. We made the decision to stop the internet service because we don't want to pay for something we don't use. Eversince the malware attack, we quit using our desktop pc and relied solely on the free WiFi we have in the house (thanks to our close proximity to WiFi hotspots in town). Why pay for the milk when you have the cow for free?


As landlords, one of our worst nightmares came true when we got a phonecall from our property manager saying that the house we're renting out had suffered damages due to termites in drywall. We were stationed in Germany at that time and our property is in southern Georgia. I immediately contacted the local pest control company to have the problem fixed right away. I sure wished I had taken the necessary precautions such as treating the house against termites before the problem occured. I wouldn't have spent nearly as much money on damage control as I did. I guess the old folks knew what they were talking about: "An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of CURE".

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Went to the mall early afternoon yesterday. It's a very busy weekend at the mall and it took us a while to find a parking space. We headed straight to the foodcourt and had Japanese food for lunch. I had some churros from Cinnabon for dessert. I know I shouldn't have because I've been complaining about gaining weight but I just couldn't resist. Lexi had some dippin' dots ice cream.

We passed by Build-A-Bear and somehow little Steven managed to drag us all in. He's been wanting to have the Christmas blue bear, and we kept on telling him "next time". We plan on giving him one as a Christmas present but I guess he's had enough of "next time" so when I told him we're leaving and we got close to the door, he let out a big wail. Oh the poor thing! I felt sorry for him so I gave in. Hubby was picking on me because we both know we shouldn't give in when a child is acting spoiled but I really didn't want to ruin little Steven's day. The place was packed with people wanting to build a bear, so we stood in line for a long time. I know he wanted it so bad because he waited patiently in the line. That rarely happens!

He had fun building his own bear. He thought it was silly when the girl that works there told him to kiss the heart that you put inside the bear, so mommy had to kiss it. Anyway, he named his new friend KENNO SNOW. I don't know how he came up with that.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


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Danke schoen

Dear hipncoolmomma,

You didn't have to, but you did. You held me by the hand so that I can find my way in this world of problogging. You've never even met me, yet, you welcome my emails, and the million stupid questions that I ask. You never get tired of giving me advices and helpful tips. You are selfless. You've always shared what you know, be it from previous experiences or expertise.

For that, I'll always be grateful. It's very rare to find a person like you. I embrace the friendship. I embrace YOU.

Cutie Patootie

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Real Estate remains to be unaffected by the current housing woes that's plaguing the whole United States. While all others are dwindling, Las Vegas continues to rise to the top. And it's easy to see why. Real Estate has enjoyed a steady growth thanks to the city's pro-business attitude, employment opportunities and low tax burden. Las Vegas' tourism is thriving thanks to the exciting, fun, and attractive lifestyle it represents.

So tell me, who can resist Las Vegas?

Girl's bestfriend

Admit it, men are terrible in giving gifts. Just because a woman is practical doesn't mean she wants a vacuum cleaner, flat iron, or a cookware for Christmas! C'mon now! What message are you trying to send? That your woman needs to clean the house, iron your clothes or slave herself in the kitchen? Yeah, we know you mean well so you'll probably get an A for effort. But we also want you to realize that the occassional splurges specially during the holiday season is what we really tickles our fancy.

Ever heard of the song famously performed by Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds are a girls' best friend"?? Take the hint. Shop for diamond rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet....anything with diamonds to show you really care.

Friday, November 09, 2007


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Thursday, November 08, 2007

New York, New York

"Start spreading the news...I'm leavin' today.....I wanna be a part of it...New York! New York! "

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Personally, I won't think twice about grabbing this opportunity. What draws me into the CityPass is not only it's affordability but also the convinience it offers. It's a definite "must-have" when visiting New York. I've long wanted to be in the midst of the "City that never sleeps". I've always wanted to watch a broadway show. I've always wanted to experience the hustle and bustle and the rich history of the city, the tall buildings, and the bright lights that brighten up the entire NY city skyline.


Chuck & Larry

Currently watching "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry" starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Jessica Biel. It's hilarious! We're not even half-way through the movie and I'm already laughing my butt off. I'm waiting to see if Rob Schneider will make a cameo appearance like he always does in Adam Sandler's movies (except for Reign on Me, a melo-drama).

There's a lot of adult humor though. Not good for kids. Good thing I rented a few kids' movies as well.


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Life's been busy the past few days. When I'm working full day, I hardly have time to do anything around the house anymore. The kids are already "hungry" when we come home. I have no time to cook. I mean, they don't have the patience to wait for me to cook. That's why we've been getting a lot of take-outs lately. We've been eating a lot of pizza too. Easy way out. But is it really?

I've been noticing my expanding waistline. Not good. Christmas is coming....I have no defense....shucks!

Miracle invention

I was getting ready for work one morning when, after brushing my teeth, the filling fell out of my front tooth. I didn't make a big fuss about it, I figured I'd just drop by the dentist's office after work hours and have it fixed. Grave mistake!! It felt really awkward the entire day as I kept on feeling with my tounge the spot where the filling was. Talking was kind of funny too. I was too self-concious about my missing filling. The hole was big enough for an airplane (ok, im exaggerating) and I was afraid people would notice. It was really uncomfotable, almost unbearable when I had something cold or hot to drink. And food particles kept getting stuck in the hole. It was torture!

I sure wish there was something I could do about it. I sure wish I'd known about Dentemp OS at the time!! The 60 minute solution could have saved me from pain and embarrassment. It provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort. Just remove it from its plastic vial and it's ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial. It Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns. You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting. All products have been tested and fully comply with FDA Regulations for Oral Care. No wonder, Dentemp OS is developed by a dentist. I say, he's a genius!

The emergency visit to the dentist was a bit costly. But I've learned my lesson. It won't happen again because I'm not taking any chances. I'm stashing Dentemp OS temporary dental repair kit in my medicine cabinet.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cookie time

It's past 9PM. Past kids' bedtime. But my goofy family is still up baking cookies. No special occassion. Just because.

Nursing Homes

It's a tough situation and you have a tough decision to make. You want to personally care for your elderly but your situation won't allow you to. You have to work to provide for your family and responsibilities are piling up on your plate. You are left with no choice but to send your loved one to a nursing home and you are wondering if it's the right thing to do.

Choosing from several nursing homes is a daunting task. You want to do what's best for you and your family. You want the best care possible for your elderly. You want them to feel loved and cared for, like you would have done so yourself.

bettercaring is a dedicated service for anyone who needs answers to crucial questions about care for themselves or their loved ones. With bettercaring you can look at the care options that are available so that you can arrange the right kind of care, read daily care news and views, and receive tips on from care experts. There is also a community forum that allows users to discuss their own experiences within the care system.

I know it's not easy. But when it comes down to it, the least we can do is find the best care for our loved one as possible.

Sound trip

On my way home from blasting from my car stereo....singing on top of my lungs...."Go now go! Walk out the door! Just turn around now, coz you're not welcome anymore....". I was at the stop light. Still singing my heart out with matching facial expression. Turned to look to my left. The guy in the car beside mine was looking at me. Big smile on his face. I don't know how long he'd been staring at me.


Cartridge Finder

Having a hard time finding the correct ink cartridge for your printer??? You've thrown the packaging away, and you have no clue. It's frustrating, isn't it?

Let the experts from Cartridge Finder help you! They can help you in finding the right cartridges for your printer, copier, or fax machine. The website is very easy to use. You can browse by major brands so it's really easy to navigate. Just imagine more than 10,000 different models of printer, copier, and fax machines. Whew! What's more, they've partnered with PriceGrabber so you can compare the online merchants who sell those products and find the best deal for your bucks.

Time change

I can smell winter coming at full speed to us. Not good. I woke up this morning and the first thing I noticed when I looked outside is frost on the ground. We also switched to daylight saving time last Sunday. But my body clock is still hung up on the old time. I've been waking up real early. And been going to bed an hour "early" too. I kept the old time in my alarm clock upstairs. Hubby said I need to adjust to the new time and quit thinking about the old time. But I like it this way! Stubborn me...hehe

Digital Camera

Perhaps one of the best things I've spent money on is my DSC-P200 digital camera. Truth be told, I spent very little on this 7.2 megapixel Cybershot by Sony. I had just received a little bonus from work at that time, so I used it to buy a digital camera in my favorite hot pink color. It goes well with my hot pink iPod and my hot pink Motorolla razor.

My digital camera is awesome because it's very easy to use. It's multifunctional, capable of recording video as well. Little Stevie goofs around a lot and I can easily capture those moments with the camera. Trust me, if it gets more complicated than point and shoot, I'm through! I also like the fact that I can download pictures right into my computer just by inserting the memory stick into the computer's card reader. I can easily attach pictures in the emails that I send my family in Germany and the Philippines. I love taking pictures of the kids and creating online photo albums. And when I want to have pictures printed, I just go to WalMart and have them printed for me while I shop.

Anyway, when time comes for an upgrade, I think I'm taking it a notch higher. I have my eyes set on a Nikon D40x. I don't think I'll go wrong with Nikon. With it's 10.2 megapixel, I bet I can take clearer, crisper pictures. What do you think?

Behind the decision....

I've thought long and hard. The latest tag from thess is not an easy one. I mean, it actually required me to think, analyze and look back at my past actions. She wants me to reveal to everyone the driving force behind my decision of doing pro-blogging.

Let me retrace a couple of steps back. When we moved to the U.S., I had to give up my job. It was a great job with a lot of great benefits, I earned in Euros and had the perfect work hours (M-F/8am-2pm). We lived a spoiled life in Germany. We didn't pay for a house nor utilities except for our phone bills. We had the steady flow of extra cash and we didn't have to think twice about buying what we wanted. We travelled a lot. And I was able to spoil some family members too. But all that stopped once we got here (for the meantime at least, until we get back into the full swing of things). We bought a house and we're now responsible for paying our own utility bills. We can't be careless with our money anymore because we have more responsibilities. Plus, my current job right now is good only for daycare and some "me" time. So one can imagine the adjustment I (and the whole family) had gone through.

I can't exactly remember if it was in an email or a comment in my blog that girlie opened up the idea of problogging to me. I tried it, and voila! It's addictive. I was reluctant to cash my first paycheck because I just could't believe I got paid for blogging.


Please share the reason/s why you decided to do ads/paid posts. State how your earning is helping you in any way.
Pass it to 2 bloggers/publishers only.
After my name, list ALL your monetized blogs. If you have more than one blog, add the next blogs by using numbers only (such as 1, 2, 3, see my example) instead of long links.
Use the button but please no direct linking.
I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line should you decide to entertain this tag. I would like to pay you a visit and add you on my list.
Thesserie, 2 & 3, Gimme A Break!

I'm tagging Cheh and francine.

Payday Loans in UK

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Our desktop PC is still useless. I've never really turned it back on after it got attacked by a freakin malware. I don't want to give the "thief" the opportunity to access my personal info. What still a puzzles me is why Norton didn't work at that particular time. I thought my computer was secure. Heck, I paid money just to have the protection.

Anyway, I'm just thankful to the Free WiFi signal that's available in our house. There's a lot of Wifi hotspots close to the area and we're probably getting their signal. Hmmm, that gives me an idea. I think I'm going to cancel my internet service. Gute idee!

Trade Show Exhibits

If you've experience attending a trade show, you know how exciting and informative it can be. One can expect a showcase of different exhibits from different companies of a particular industry or trade who take advantage of this opportunity to promote their products. Currently in the US alone, there about 2500 trade shows every year! It's easy to see why trade shows appeal to the public. Attending and seeing trade show exhibits, trade show displays & trade show booths are great ways to explore things that might be of interest to you. Get ideas for a new business venture, discover new hobbies, or just simply enjoy the experience!

Cable problems

Finally I've had enough of the cable issues. We had cable installed in all of the bedrooms upstairs, but we're never really able to watch cable because it wasn't working. Steven's TV has channels but not all of them have sound. Alexis' has pictures, no sound. Ours has pictures and sounds, but the connection goes on and off. It's frustrating but I finally did a service call. First, they were supposed to be here between 2 and 4 pm. They didn't get here until 5 past 4. OK fine. I was patient. Next they said it was the TV's that had the problems. OK fine. So they left without really helping me except for to show up and basically mock our almost brand new LCD TV.

I think Im going to switch providers. I dont need to be paying $150 a month (phone/internet/cable package) if Im not satisfied.

Payday Loans

An article on Yahoo! news caught my eyes while surfing the net this morning. It read: "If you and yours are bringing in $40K a year, you're earning more than half the households in America." No wonder a lot of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and that the "payday loan" industry is thriving.

Payday loan is a small amount, short term loan that doesn't require a credit check. It appeals to people whose credit rating or income don't meet the criteria of a bank loan. The interest rate might be higher than your regular conventional loan but it's quicker and less complicated. With the help of the internet, No Fax Payday Loans are increasing in numbers. Borrowers can compare rates and services from different lenders. The money can be electronically deposited and repaid from a checking account on mutually agreed upon dates.

Rip off

Received little Steven's first (pre) school pictures. There's a group pic, and 2 different solo poses. In all, there are 8 sheets total that I took home. When we were first told about picture day, there was no mention about the package prices. I knew there'll be surprises come time to pick up the pictures. And I was right. For 8 sheets they are charging $64.95. That's a freakin rip off. I'm thinking about just getting 4 sheets for $43.95, but I feel bad returning the rest of the pics. What do you think???

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Money Smart

In the United States, your credit rating tells a lot about who you are. If you've been careless with your finances and incurred a lot of debt or maybe filed for a bankruptcy, you are considered high credit risk and no creditor will trust you with a loan. What's the best way to get back on your feet financially? First, try to settle all your dues. If all you can afford is the minimum payment on your credit cards, so be it. At least you're trying to pay. The worst thing you can do is to stop paying at all. Live within your means and save for rainy days.

It might also be a good idea to take advantage of bad credit loans. Consolidate your debts and aim for a lower interest rate. There's a lot of things you can do to get back in track. Be pro-active. Start now.


Got a flyer from YMCA about Youth Night for 4th to 6th graders. Alexis is really interested in going. I've seen the YMCA here and it really looks good and very appealing. But the monthly membership fees are a bit high, I think. In fairness, there's a lot of things you can do there. Fitness, swimming, play areas for kids. And they have classes too. It's a really good deal. Maybe I'm just turning into el-cheapo. tsk.

In a different light

If there's one particular subject i wasn't good at in school, it's Math. I can do the basic stuff and simple math problems with ease but when it comes to the more complicated ones, I lose track. I didn't have the patient to sit there and figure things out. I didn't have the discipline to follow the methods taught. I was half-listening most the time. I relied heavily on intelligent guess followed by trial and error.

Now that I am a parent, I hope and pray that my child doesn't experience the same. I want her to be good in Math. I don't want her to lose interest like I did. And if what it boils down to is for me to hire Math Tutors, so be it. I'd be more than glad to. I want her to see math as a friend not a fiend.


Received a recipe magazine from Kraft in the mail today (it's actually yesterday's mail). There's a lot of yummy looking stuff in there. Perfect for family gatherings, big or small. The only thing though is there's a lot of cheese involved in the recipes (of course, it's from Kraft, silly!). I wonder if it'll taste the same if I skimped on the cheese?

Innovative Tutor

Alexis is a really smart girl. I've never really had any major concern with her and school. She grasps things easily and doesn't struggle with school work. She also loves to read. She can spend hours and hours reading. She never read Harry Potter though. She gave it a try but it's just not her cup of tea. Her love for reading helped her out a lot in her spelling bee competition last school year. She was the spelling bee champion of her school and was the representative to the European Spelling Bee championship.

This year is a big change for her though. She transferred to a different school. New set of friends, new set of teachers. People here don't know her and what she can do. So far, things seem to be going smooth. She even mentioned school is easier here than in Germany. But if ever time comes that I see her struggling, I wouldn't think twice about hiring an Innovative Tutor to help keep her on track.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

totem pole

Very easy to see who's on top of the totem pole hehe.

It was a fun trip for all of us. We toured Trier, Belgium (Brussels), and Luxemburg. We were able to visit the American War Memorial in France, and The Lady of the Poor in Banneuax, Belgium. Someday, somehow, we are going back. I promise.

Underwear Talk

Hello, ladies! Time to fess up. What looks more attractive to you when it comes to mens underwear? Do you like seeing your man in tightie whities? Boxers? Briefs? Or a combination of boxer briefs, perhaps? What does your man prefer? Does he prefer comfort over support, or support over comfort? Tough choice, I say. Just like asking a woman whether she prefers to wear granny panties and look unattractive but comfy, or a sexy thong that is very seductive but gives you the feeling of a permanent wedgie. Uggh!

What about brands? Is your guy brand concious or not? I wonder if branded ones are really more comfortable or just the hype. My hubby is a mix of both. He can wear name brands as well as the less known ones. But he really prefers boxers over briefs. Sometimes he'd wear boxer briefs when the occassion calls for it (i.e. sports). I used to pick on him about the army issued brown briefs. They look hideous! Good thing he doesn't like them either. Very unattractive!

What about the latest hip-hop fad? What's your take on them? C'mon, you see them all the time. Baggy pants down to the knees, (ok I'm exaggarating a bit) boxer briefs showing, really really loose shirt. I mean, if you really want to show people your underwear, then why wear pants in the first place?? Take it from Superman. He's so proud of his briefs that he wore it on top of his pants. Now, that's what I call brave. You da man, Superman!

Trick or Treat Smell my Feet

Ready.....set............GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Somebody's excited! The weather cooperated. This is the first time in many many years of trick or treating that the weather is actually "tolerable".
My beautiful "Chinese kung-fu fighter".......Everyone else thought she's a Japanese geisha....hellooooooo?? that's not a kimono, thank you very much.'re on camera! "Mom, enough with the pictures. I want to get candies!"

"They gave me a Wendy's gift certificate".......

"Welcome to the neighborhood!"

"Why did he give us money???" I guess they forgot to buy candies....

That's a real person sitting still on the chair....we didn't know until he said BOO and spooked Steven.....

We gave out candies for about 15 minutes, then we left the bowl by the porch with a little note saying "take 2 please".....we headed out to another subdivision to continue on with our trick or treating.

My turn to hand out candies...and pose for a picture hehehe.

Nicely decorated house. They also had "spookers" for a total halloween effect....

Last stop.....2 cute puppies...'twas a very fun night. We stopped for pizza on the way home.


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Nowadays, you can insure just about anything against risks and damages. Understand the importance of insurance. Personally, we'd like to think of our auto and homeowner's insurance as safety nets. They are there to catch us when accidents happen. It's there for our peace of mind.


Mom sent us a box from Germany. Chocolates, Kids pajamas, Gummi Baerchen, Sweater for me, and Filipino Movies. Supposedly, she sent me two movies, but I only got one. The box was torn and beat up when I received it. I'm also missing the socks for little Stevie. Maybe they slipped through the hole in the box unnoticed. I don't know.

I told mom not to send anymore package to us because postage costs too much. I think she paid around 35 euros ($45) for the small package. But I know she won't listen. She loves taking care of us even when she's far away.

Marriage counselling

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. People who are in a successful marriage or relationship will tell you that there will always be the unexpected bumps along the way. What matters most is how we deal with those occassional bumps. Do we get mad at our spouse? Do we care about how our mate is feeling? Do we play fair? Do we compromise and try to understand where our partner is coming from? Or do we just give up without even giving it a try?

Sure, the easiest thing to do might be to just turn your back and move on and be happy, taking for granted all the good things that made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. But for people who are willing to work things out, they understand the importance of marriage counseling. They know the importance of seeking clarity and answers to their relationship issues. They seek to enhance and nurture the marriage. They are pro-active....and that, I believe is what matters most.


I don't know why but the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA is stuck in my head. Here I am blogging my guts out and all I can think of is the song. I'm bopping my head, humming to the melody while typing. I can't remember when this song was released, but I know for certain that it's OLD. hahaha. Tells you how old I am now.

Truth is, I prefer the oldies love songs. They're full of meaning, compared to the ones that come out nowadays. Some songs nowadays are full of hatred. There's a lot of yelling and screaming and cussing.

That's why I keep oldies CD in the car. I don't have to listen to junk.

Hail to Coupon Chief

Time is flying by so fast. It was summertime when we moved here, and now I feel the cold damp air of autumn. Leaves start turning into pretty color hues. Soon the whole place will be blanketed by snow. ahhh, the changing season.

Halloween just passed, and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Before we know it, it's Christmas!!! But how prepared are we? I've been talking about doing my Christmas shopping early, and I have started, I swear. Alexis just came up with her wishlist, and she has about 62 items in it. Oh no, she said she's not even half way done! This kid sure knows how to take advantage of mom and dad's generosity during Christmas season. I've been meaning to do a lot of shopping online where I can take advantage of coupon codes. It's amazing how many major retailers participate in this program. Like Best Buy coupons for example. It's heaven sent to hubby who's into gadgets and big boy toys. I on the other hand am leaning more towards Target deals where I can shop to my hearts delight without feeling a big pinch in my wallet. Another store I'm eyeballing is Dell coupon codes, where I'm hoping to find a good bargain on PC since our old one is officially retired after being hit by a malware.

There's just so many coupon codes to choose from, so I better get going and start shopping!! ta ta!

Car wash

If cars can talk, mine would be yelling at me by now. "WASH ME!!! WASH ME!!!". I've never seen my car this filthy before. But I have no time to go to the carwash. Well, I actually went one time but the coin changer in the carwash wasn't working so I couldn't get any quarters for the machine. Darn! I'm not really a big fan of automatic carwash because they don't clean as good as when you do it by hand.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Lap Band

We've all heard the horror stories. People who've had gastric bypass surgery will tell you how difficult it is immediately after the surgery. The wife of my former co-worker had this procedure done in 2005. I didn't know until I start noticing a big drop in her weight, and when I commented about how good she looks, she told me about her procedure. She said she was uncomfortable the first few days, from nausea to fainting spells to what nots but it gradually changed as she got used to the amount of food/drink her body can take. She also said there's no turning back anymore. It's permanent.

But what if you can find a doctor who can perform a procedure that is 10 times safer than gastric bypass? Dr. Richard Collier of lap band woodlands specializes in the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedure, most commonly referred to as the LAPBAND System. All surgery is performed laparoscopically on an outpatient basis, so you will have surgery in the morning and should be discharged to go home a few hours later to enjoy the comforts of your own bed that night.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

3 things I cant let go.

Girlie, the hippest and coolest blogging momma in the whole wide blogosphere wants to know the 3 things I can't let go. OK...I hope you're ready....

1) Old love letters. Yep I still have the old love letters given to me by my ex. Well, it's not that I'm still holding on or that I still have feelings for him...we're still friends ok, but, HECK NO!!! It's just a reminder of who I was, and who I've become...a better person of course. Heard of battle scars? Yeah, those letters are a reminder that life doesn't stop with a break-up.

2) Old Shirt. I have this really really really old raggidy Giordano shirt that I just can't get rid off. It's torn and stained and have seen better days but I love it! It's a very comfy shirt!

3) Anger. I don't know if this counts but it's worth a shot. I'm a person who doesn't get upset or mad real fast. I tend to bottle things up and I can take a lot of shit, and I mean a whole lot. It's just that when I reach a point where I say "I've enough already", then that's the end of it. I won't even look back. I guess it's not really the anger that I can't let go because eventually anger fades away and it's not really healthy to keep it all in. Have a better word or term for me? I'm pooped out from trick-or-treating so I really can't think straight. I'm ready to hit the sack.

Will be posting pictures soon!!! I'm tagging des, justice, and Cheh.


Garage Storage

It took a long time but it happened. Our garage is finally decluttered. It was kind of embarrasing when you open your garage ang all that people see is your clutter. I'm proud to say the majority of boxes from our move is history. Hubby finally found a recycling bin near his work so we were able to take care of them. Now the garage looks bare, except for some bits and pieces of tools and what nots (stuff that we have to have, we just have no room for them). It would be nice if we could get a garage storage to stow away and organize all the necessary stuff. That will make the garage look awesome.


Having our own home, we naturally desire to make home improvements in the future, not just to increase it's value but also to have the desired effect we want. Take for example our kitchen flooring. It looks really nice, but it's made of vinyl. It's very easy to maintain but we want to upgrade in the near future. Hubby and I have agreed on hardwood flooring. Browsing online, I'd stumbled upon iFLOOR. I was amazed at the wide array of products they offer. What's more, they offer a limited warranty like no other. This is no on the company's press release so you can understand better.

iFLOOR, America's largest online flooring retailer, today announced a $1,000,000 limited warranty designed to protect its customers from predatory manufacturer policies that exclude warranty coverage from online purchases. The policy, which goes into effect immediately, offers up to one million dollars of coverage in the event that a customer's warranty claim is denied specifically because they made their purchase online. It is complimentary for every iFLOOR customer, and protects the buyer under the same terms as the original product warranty. iFLOOR, Inc. CEO, Steve Simonson, came up with the program to combat "scare tactics" used by manufacturers of hardwood floors and laminate flooring. "Their idea is to discourage you from buying at a discount!" wrote Simonson in his blog "It's About Flooring". "This is not right! You deserve to save money! So we're going to take care of this problem once and for all." And it would appear that federal law is on his side. Section 108 of the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Act, states that, "In general, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. Such a provision would require a purchaser of the warranted product to buy an item or service from a particular company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive a remedy under the warranty." Under iFLOOR's new warranty, a key provision allows for iFLOOR to "seek justice" on behalf of the customer in the event of legal action. According to Simonson, "I'm putting iFLOOR's money where my mouth is." About iFLOOR, Inc. Since 1998, has been the leading online and retail flooring company, with 36 local retail stores nationwide offering more than 70,000 products, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and cork floors. is the largest online flooring retailer according to Internet Retailer Magazine, and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States for the past three years. Committed to quality customer service, superior selection and friendly expert advice, enables customers to buy flooring both online and in its retail stores at a substantial savings over traditional retailers. For more information about iFLOOR, please visit