Sunday, November 17, 2013


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Funny Bone

With Jo Koy :-)

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Who doesn't enjoy go karts for kids?  Trying to fit an adult body in it already is more fun than you can expect.   Last year,  on my son's 10th birthday,  we rented a spot at a putt putt Club who also has go karts for kids.   We invited several of his friends and their spent the whole afternoon just being boys.   It was the most fun they had,  so they claim.      It will be hard to top it next year.   This momma needs to be more creative.

don't be afraid to dance

jammies all night long

Last Halloween would have been nice if my plan to find asp handcuffs materialized.  I was dressing up as a "dirty" policewoman and the cuffs would have been the best complement to the get-up.  But, my body decided to act up on me and I wasn't feeling well by the end of my work day.  Suffice it to say, this old lady policewoman wannabe did not have the energy to go the party and was in her jammies all night long.


Tired.  That's what I am.  Sitting in the breakroom, waiting for my lunch break to he over.  The past few days had been hectic.  And migraine attack snuck up on me.  I wisj I was home.  Right now.


Oh my god.  I am so excited.  I found for MK jewelry and I am in 7th heaven!!  The selection is fabulous!  I am drooling at every item.   This is getting me too excited.  I hope hubby takes a hint and check my browsing history.  Maybe I can leave a bookmark?  That will be a cool Christmas present tee hee.

good morning

Yeah, I need some coffee.  The time change has created chaos in my body clock.  But in going to be a trooper today.  HELP!!  :-)

prep work

Each year I look for the best buy tableskirting.  We throw a Christmas party at our house, a yearly tradition and I spend a lot of time preparing for it.   I love decorating our tables with nice festive designs.   Plus the fact that I do enjoy the hunt.   I love going to different stores looking for new ideas that I can incorporate with the theme.   So far so good.   I have plenty of time to prepare.   Can't wait to post pictures.