Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's thanksgiving and in a few hours, shopping starts!!! Hubs and Alexis are on their way to Bestbuy so they can start camping outside the store to wait for midnight opening. I know, it's CRAZY! All for a super low price on a 40" TV, if they get the ticket. Thankfully, it's not as cold this year as it was last year. Well, better them than me! I am sitting here, in the comfort of my living room trying to find neck pillow specials online. I've been an online shopper for ages and it's something I really enjoy. I know, it might not be as exciting as camping with fellow crazies on Thanksgiving day, but oh well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's only Wednesday but it already feels Friday for me!! It's my last work day for the week and I'm too excited! I took the day off the day after Thanksgiving so I have a 4-day weekend. Mom is coming from Germany this Sunday and everyone's excited to see her! She'll spend Christmas with us and I've already planned a lot of things for us to do while she's here. I bought us tickets to the Blue Man group for their December performance at the Stranahan theater. I got the "Splash Zone" tickets so I'm sure we'll have a blast. Can't wait!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend plans

Can't believe Thanksgiving snuck up on us. I thought I have more time to prepare but I realized today that I only have literally a couple of days to put things in order. I'm glad we are not hosting this year. Hubs is coming home on Wednesday and we are planning on going out of town the day after Thanksgiving. I took time off so we can relax this weekend. I'd like to visit an indoor water park so the kids can have fun too. I plan on getting a whole body massage while there. Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of indoor water fountains inside the spa. It's long overdue. I just need to hurry and book the mini-vaca.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Spent a nice afternoon with my daughter today. We watched the final chapter of the Twilight Saga and I must say I enjoyed it. I guess the popcorn and giant soda made up for the boring parts. We went shopping afterwards. Got some really cool Dr. Who shirts at Hot Topic and we stopped in at VS to get some stocking stuffers. Now we're all relaxing at home, roast pork in the crock pot while watching Super Natural on TV. Great Sunday, so far!

Uniquely You

Christmas is right around the corner. I bet like me, you know of a person who is so hard to shop for. This person seems to have everything one can hope for. Wouldn't it be nice to find something this person will fancy? Believe it or not, penhaligon's brand smallflower might be the gift you are looking for. It is as unique as the person you are shopping for. It's not something you'll find in every street corner. Now, that's something special, don't you think??

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was pissed beyond belief today.......not going to say much, but one thing is certain....karma is a bitch! You stole from me, something bigger will be stolen from you.

Thursday, November 08, 2012


I'm not a smoker. Neither is my husband. So imagine my surprise when hubs joined a bunch of his co-workers for a meeting at a cigar shop. He came back with a lot of fascinating stories to tell. He said the shop is a pretty cool place. His friends were able to convince him to try padron cigar. He said it didn't taste bad at all. And he didn't throw up like the time when he tried smokeless tobacco for the first time. Now, the question is, will he try it again?