Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned 5!!! Lola (my mom) arrived from Germany a day before his birthday and will be staying here until a few days after Lexi's 11th birthday in May. This is what I love about my mom. She's a very loving and devoted grandmother. She loves my kids so dearly, that's why my kids love her very much as well. Little Steven even mentioned to her that he'd like to go back to Germany. It made her heart swell.

Hubby was able to finish building the swing/playground set in time for Stevie's birthday. It took him several days, as he only had about an hour or so every night after work to tinker with it. Not only did we save $500 (that's what the professionals charge around here), he also created a lasting memory for his kids (a few years from now, I can hear Stevie saying "Yo dude, my cool dad built me my first playground!"). So now all we have to do is somehow add a tankless water heater in the clubhouse (naisingit pa ang SP hehe).

The grill master. We had a little get-together at the house yesterday. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Spring is in the air! People seem to be happier and more alive. Days are longer and warmer. Neighbors tend to their yard and kids flock the street to play (mine are not allowed to go past our driveway). Local stores are filled with spring/summer displays. Vibrant, colorful, full of life. In some farming areas, you'll see an abundance of cattle supplies, a sign that farmers will soon be busy working in the farm. Pretty soon, we'll be eating fresher than fresh fruits and veggies. Yummy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Drug Addiction

Like a breath of fresh air, surprisingly, Britney Spears is not hogging the headlines lately. Last I've heard, her father, court appointed to manage her affairs at the moment, has been allowing her to drink red wine with dinner. DUH!?
You don't give a drop of alcohol to alcoholics. That surely is a big mistake. He needs to grow some balls and not give-in to his cash cow's demands. Any addiction treatment she goes into is not going to help her recover from her demons, if the people around her are more worried about pleasing her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hindi ko namalayan....isang araw pag-gising ko at nagulantang ako sa kagandahang tumambad sa aking paningin. Kailan kaya nangyari ito? Paanong hindi ko namalayan?

Ngapala, napagdesisyunan naming mag-asawa na bumayad na lang ng propesyonal na mag-aalaga sa aming lawn (ano nga ba ang lawn sa tagalog?). Napuna kasi naming parang medyo napapag-iwanan ang aming lawn. Nakakahiya sapagkat luntian na ang damuhan ng aming mga kapitbahay subalit ang sa amin ay medyo brown pa. Nahahalata tuloy na wala kaming pakialam, este karanasan. Gastos na naman, pero ganun talaga eh, hindi namin hilig ang maghalaman kaya ipaubaya na lang sa iba.


Mamah Thekyababe at KC, salamat ng marami sa TAG. Pwede Utang muna? pramis, next time na nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon eh gagawin ko na ....pramis...pramis...pramis...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Double take

A very dear friend, CARL of TruPix Photography took this picture of my darling little boy when they came over for a visit.

Thanks, Carl!!! I didn't recognize my little munchkin right away. :-)

Birthday present

I need gift ideas. Fast. The kids' birthdays are right around the corner and we haven't got anything for them. Little Stevie wants to have a Nintendo DS and some games and he'll most likely get that. We'll probably get him DVDs as well. He wants to have a pet bunny, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Stuffed Bunny from Webkinz, yes. A real one, a BIG FAT NO. I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy. Oh, and he wants TMNT for his birthday cake. Now finding something for Lexi is the big challenge. She is at that awkward age now and there's no telling what she really wants. Books for sure. Trampoline too. Or a gold anklet perhaps. We told her on the night of her birthday, she could pick any restaurant she likes and we'll eat dinner there. I hope she picks BK, tee hee.

Any suggestions?

Home improvement

Hubby and I were discussing a few ideas about home improvement. We don't really need to do anything major because the house is in excellent condition. We are basically just thinking of a few little purely aesthetic changes. It could be as simple as replacing the cupboard knobs, or finding a more stylish door hardware, or adding a nice area rug in the dining area. I don't know. We're probably just bored and want to spend money. As if! I guess we just need to stop browsing the home improvement catalogs we get in the mail. Problem solved.

Before and After...funny


John: Ah, At last, I can hardly wait!
Jane: Do you want to leave me?
John: NO! Don't even think about it.
Jane: Do you love me?
John: Of course! Always have and always will!
Jane: Have you ever cheated on me?
John: NO! Why are you even asking?
Jane: Will you kiss me?
John: Every chance I get!
Jane: Will you hit me?
John: Hell no! Are you crazy?
Jane: Can I trust you?
John: YES.
JAne: Darling.


(Read from the bottom back to the TOP)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Social Networking

Perhaps one of most exciting things that happened in the world wide web is the emergence of social networking. The Internet has made it so much easier to connect with people from across the globe. To date, I think I'm a member of at least 3 social network communities. I've gained new friends and reconnected with my old college buddies. It's an inexpensive and fast way of communicating. Best of all, no more crazy phone bills!

Want to try?? You can join 3gb community, a social network where you can meet new and old friends, upload your photos, create albums, join groups blogs, chat with other members and hear the latest mp3 hits. Trust me, you'll love it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

seen at the pumps

Driving to work this morning, the price of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.17 a gallon. On my way back, lo and behold, the price went up to $3.45!! Holy Guacamole! Good thing my tank is still more than 3/4 full and I probably won't be needing to fill up until early next week. whew!

How much do you pay at the pump??

Much a-do about nothing

Blogging doesn't come easy nowadays. I've been really busy with home and work that I rarely find time to sit and tinker in the computer. I've a lot of things to share but I'm really having a hard time writing my thoughts down. Like, I'm supposed to write about safariland holsters, but I don't know where to start!! I know it's offered by a company called LA police gear, leading retailer of military tactical gears. And being a military wife, I should know a lot about these stuff, but NO! I need help!! I thought about asking kapitana marie for ideas as she knows a lot about guns (weapons), being the head of a highly successful security business in the Philippines. I'm pretty sure her expertise will come in handy right now.

Open Arms

Another Journey song...Arnel Pineda rocks!!!!


Hubby came home at a decent time today. Decent meaning it's before 8PM. Mondays are normally long work hours (till 10 PM) because that's his "prime" prospecting day, but I guess they've made enough appointments for the day that they didn't have to stay in longer than what is necessary to meet the day's mission. The first thing he did was take off his BDUs and play with the kids. Kids love to play rough with him. They know better not to pull the same stunt with me. Mommy is such a party pooper!

So here I am almost done with dinner while finding time to blog at the same time. Amazing Juggling momma, that's who I am.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Lost for words. I've been trying to update my blog, to no avail. Each time I come up with something, I end up with nothing. It sucks!

Anyway, enjoy this song by Journey, LIGHTS. Have a fun weekend!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More on Malu-bye

Here's the performance that got her kicked out of AI (for those of you who haven't seen it). Tell me what yah think!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Boo Ya Back at yah

There's this girl who's estranged from her father. He left when she was still sweet and innocent, she's far from it now. She fondly refers to him as the "sperm donor". He has a new family now. So does her mother. Anyway, the girl and the "sperm donor" recently got in touch through Friendster. She added him to her friends' list. Well and good. I like it when people get along.

Only, the girl and her mom started freakin out. Somehow, in what seems to be an extreme case of paranoia, they have it in their minds that they are now going to be the subject of small town gossip. The girl started complaining about the sudden rise in the number of clicks on her profile. Must be those Filipina chizmosas! So she decided to delete almost everyone in her friends' list, change her user name, and switch her profile to private mode.

ahhhmmmm, haller?? This mother and daughter tandem must be high on drugs. Who do they think they are? Do they really think people are gonna care? And that people will actually waste time and energy to talk about them? Or maybe, just maybe they are afraid of the lies they created in the past. I heard from a little birdie that they (mother & daughter) told the sperm donor that the girl is now an accomplished nurse when in fact she isn't. She barely graduated high school. And the closest she got to a hospital was when she gave birth a few years ago.

So they told a BIG FAT LIE. And now they're scared. They're probably scared that her father will find out the TRUTH from people who know the TRUTH, and much more. Ahhh Pandora's box.

You are probably wondering why I sounded so pissed. For obvious reasons, I was one of those who got "deleted". No, I really don't care if she's my "friendster" friend or not. It's just that I felt disrespected. You see, I helped this girl out a lot. I was there for her when no else would. I looked out after her, even helping her get her first real paying job. I didn't leave her side and stayed up all night coaching her through her labor pains. And this is the THANKS I get?? I would have been fine with it had she informed me first. A simple email would do. Out of RESPECT, you know.

I am HURT and DISAPPOINTED. So to get even, I added them to my SHITLIST. I only had one person on my SHITLIST. Now I have three.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Patio set out of the shed

Hubby built this all by this lonesome

Amazing what a little dose of sunshine can do. Daytime temperatures rose to the 60's and it inspired a lot of people to come out of the winter hibernation. The kids and I played on the front yard while hubby built the new 3-seater swing we bought. I had fun watching little Stevie run up and down the street. This boy has a lot of energy! We'll probably enroll him in a soccer league this summer. I bet he can bring home a lot of soccer trophies.

The whole weekend's supposed to be nice. I hope it stays this way.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Idol Update

American Idol just said GOODBYE to Ramielle.

I don't want to be harsh. But she had it coming. I lost interest in her a long time ago. I tried to support her, I even voted for her several times. But she showed no improvement. All I saw (and I bet the whole America did) was an insecure little girl who despite her talent was so afraid to shine. She looked as if she didn't believe in herself. Too bad.