Saturday, January 16, 2010

Biggest loser

I love watching the Biggest loser on TV because I like seeing weight loss success stories. The transformations are life changing. These people work really hard in order for them to achieve their lifelong dream. They don't have it easy. Aside from the ridicule and judging look they get from other people, they must also face the fact that they are at a greater health risk for being obese.

I admire their courage and discipline. I admire the hardwork and the determination. But most of all, I admire the end result. ;-)

Silly teen

When I was in my early teens, I developed really dry skin on my hands. I thought I had eczema and even consulted a dermatologist for eczema treatment. Fortunately, it wasn't. Nothing that a cocoa butter lotion can't fix. Eczema can be very very annoying and unattractive as well. I remember thinking I'll never be able to hold hands with my imaginary boyfriend because I'd be too embarrassed. What a silly thought from a teenage drama queen. LOL

acne treatment

Couch potato. TV bum. Computer addict. That's what I am today. The past week had been hectic so I decided to veg out just for a day. Man, I tell you it's NOT GOOD. I have a giant headache right now from watching too much shopping network. No, I did not order anything nor Am I planning to do so but I admit the proactiv reviews sure tickle my fancy. I've never tried it but I've heard it really works. Not that I have a lot of acne issues, but if I ever did, I know which product to get.


Finally, after more than a decade of silence, Mark McGwire admitted to steroid use during his record breaking major league career. He also admitted to hgh use. This comes as no surprise. While a lot of athletes have tried performance enhancing drugs, only a few have the guts to come forward and face the consequences of their actions. And I applaud them. I don't agree with what they did, but it shows they are man enough to take responsibility for their lack of good judgement.

As for Mark McGwire, I don't think anything will change. People forgive, and forget.

Diet woes

A Facebook bud posted on her status that she's seriously considering taking diet pills to curb her appetite. She wants to jump start her weight loss plan and is asking her FB buds for their 2 cents. Everyone seemed to agree on one thing; Moderation. Basically, what they're saying is we shouldn't deprive ourselves of the food we like to eat because sooner or later, we'll give in to the cravings and it'll just create bigger problems later on. I agree. I suggested she needs to do her homework and read the diet pill review before she uses it.

Diet woes. When will it end?


I finally scheduled a spa session cum mom and daughter bonding time at Beauty Bar in Toledo. I've been holding on to the $300 gift card I received from mom and Steve for my birthday last year and it's about time I use it. Lexi is having the peppermint patty manicure and teen facial while I get my hour swedish massage. I am also going to have my skin type assessed for possible blackhead treatments. After our spa session, Lexi and I are going to Sakura, a Japanese restaurant for dinner. I'm excited!!!

Tragedy in Haiti

The tragedy in Haiti is one that easily moves me to tears. I was watching CNN this morning and they showed a man whose family is trapped in the basement of a collapsed building. He looked desperate for help, and I believe that if he could, he would dig them out with his own bare hands. But he couldn't. His wife died before he could help her out. The faint cries for help from the rest of his family stopped as well. No one knows if they're still alive. But chances are slim. This man is not alone in his predicament. The whole country is in shambles and badly needs our help. There are several fund raising events being done as I type. The whole world is doing it's share in providing aid to the victims. So before we daydream about orlando vacation rentals, let us take a minute to help our Haitian brothers.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I will start with a clean slate. It's the New Year and I am going to have to make plans if I want my entire 2010 to run smoothly. I have begun gathering paperwork for our 2009 taxes. I have reviewed our finances, and my goal now is to put away more money into my 401K. I have also reviewed our whole life insurance policies to make sure they are up-to-date. I am also actively looking for a new cool vacation spot and saving for it. I want to make things right.

Plans. I have made a lot of them. But I know I also have to put my trust in God. He makes plans for all of us.


It's 2010!! We survived yet another year. 2009 had been a really good year for us. It would have been perfect if not for the loss of our loved one, my stepdad, in July. He was terribly missed last Christmas.

Anyway, our tree is still up, and neither I nor hubby are motivated to take it down. Putting up the tree is fun, but taking it down is more like a chore. So I guess it's staying up until my rugs are covered with needles. Oh, and we discovered that blue spruce is the worst type of tree as far as shedding goes. We literally had to vacuum almost everyday. Good thing we alternate and this coming Christmas, we'll be putting up our artificial tree. I'm glad there's only 12 more months before Christmas. YAY!!!!